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FPRO is a small production company, with a very small factory, based in independia. they produce (in order of amount):

  1. oil extract
  2. rubber wood
  3. stone brick
  4. batteries

their outlet is independia town hall.

how the factory works

first off, it starts with a smal tree farm. a chainsaw is used to destroy the rubber trees, and vacum tubes steal the floating items, and take them to the dropoff zone. this is where the input chests goto as well. the items arrive at a sorting tube. this tube stops any items that wont get crafted. "bad" items get paced inside a locked chest. so, if you place 2000MG inside the unloked input chest, lose it to a locked chest? dont blame me. if you lose your items this way, and want them back, theres a 100MG price tag.

the sorting tube only accepts these items:,

  • rubber trunk untapped
  • rubber trunk tapped
  • rubber leaves
  • stone brick
  • copper
  • tin
  • rubber wood

any other items are rejected.

after this, the items enter a line of sorting tubes. these link up to autocrafters, who craft the output mentioned above. these allow only items that will be crafted with inside. for example, the battery autocrafter only accepts copper, tin and rubber wood. after the autocrafters have done their bidding, its up to the same blinky plant circuit that released the input to the autocrafters to release the autocrafters of the chance of filling up. the tubes mix all these items together, and they reach two valves. one has pipes to a locked chest array, the other one to the temporary storage. a NOT gate prevents items from going into private storage when shop storage is closed. the private storage is 9 chests thathold all my produce, in case i may want to keep myself some oil extract. the temporary storage for the shop are 4 chests, holding items temporarly. an AND gate connects to 4 injectors, injecting items from the chests into a pipeline, hidden nicely underground.

in the town hall, another line of sorting tubes deliver items into the smartshops, so the shops are always refilled.

selling of items

single-time buys


for commercial buyers, or those who just buy from smartshops, a outlet of materials is available in independia. prices are 1MG per stack, except where not applicable, like batteries.


in case you want a one-off industrial amount of items, like 100 stacks of say, oil extract, to fuel a digitron that only needs to mine once a month, then you can just get a one time buy, instead of a lengthy and complicated contract. rules:

  1. when contacting me, specify how much products you want.
  2. expect to wait a maximum of 12H until you recive products


industrial use

in case you own a factory, that can make a huge use of my items, you can buy them in industrial quantities. this is a weekly contract, where you can get delvieries of items, following these rules:

  1. i am free to cut off any deliveries
  2. deliveries are a minimum of 10 stacks (5MG)
  3. price per stack 0.5 MG (in resale, i can afford a discount, as i get 10% of the profits)
  4. payment must be by wire transfer.
  5. standard subscription cost of 50MG per week is applicable, only if im selling <100 stacks.
  6. industry plan is NOT for resale. it is for PERSONAL use. you can use my items to make items to sell, but if i find out you are selling them, your plan will switch to resale.


i offer discount for resale, 4 stacks per MG, under these conditons:

  1. i am free to cut off deliveries.
  2. deliveries are of maximum of 100 stacks, and per week (real life)
  3. you must give me 10% of your profits.
  4. payment is either by cash or wire.
  5. i must know where your shop is. place a noticable label in your shop saying "some supplies provided by FPRO (wiki it up)". you can change the text, just make it say that some supplies are from FPRO, and to wiki it up.
  6. if i complain about anything, please fix it. you can burn our contract if you disagree (and you get to keep the items).

brand news

  • 30-9-20 (ongoing) privaate storage is almost full. shop temporary storage is almost full. the smartshops are full. there is not enough space for the constant production. FPRO will begin to have to offfer 10 stacks of both wood and oil estract - for free. anyone intrested should contact me as soon as possible, or i risk bursting the factory.