ATL Bronze Line

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ATL Bronze Line
TypePassenger Line
SystemArse Train Lines
TerminiCrossroads City Hall
Personhood West
SignallingARS, LuaATC
Route map

Track continues to Crossroads Transport Maintenance Track
Crossroads City Hall ATL-M  CRT 1   CRT 2 
Crossroads West Mountains  CRT 12 
ATL-Z to Berton St.
Silver Coast South ATL-Z
Silver Coast ATL-Z ATL-M
Silver Coast North ATL-Z
ATL-Z to Ocean City
Colored Grasses
Land's End
The Cube E1 CFE XN
Personhood West CFE XN S16

ATL Bronze Line (aka ATL/CRT Bronze Line, formerly known as CG1) is a service of the ATL network that runs from Crossroads City Hall to Personhood West.