ATL Gold Line

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ATL Gold Line
TypePassenger line
SystemArse Train Lines
TerminiNeverbuild Central
Ocean City
Operator(s)Arse Train Lines
Route map

Neverbuild Central
Neverbuild Old Termius
Mushroom Land
Neverbuild Outskirts
Ocean City
Ocean City Outskirts
ATL-Z to Origin Berton Street
Ocean City ATL-Z

ATL Gold Line is a service of the ATL network that runs from Neverbuild Central to Ocean City.

In mid-October 2019 the line has undergone significant modifications: a new tunnel segment was added to bring the line to a new terminus under Neverbuild Central railway station, making a new interchange station, and the line itself — Neverbuild's proper subway. Old terminus was rebuilt into a through station with middle platform. Mushroom land was updated, and two more stations were constructed between that station and Ocean City.