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Admin shop
AdminShop BroadView.png
Broad view of the shop
General information
LocationOrigin flag.png Origin
AddressCartesian Square
Coordinates🌍 -42,13,22 (map)

The Admin Shop in Origin offers a few items which are not craftable.

The reselling of such items is not allowed, and is pointless, since you are not going to make absolutely any money with it.

The sale of items which are not craftable and can only be given by an admin is strictly forbidden.


Exclusive Stock

  • Unloading tracks
  • Loading tracks
  • ATC tracks
  • Level crossing signs (andrew's cross, as used in Germany)
  • Spawn Subway maps - big and small sizes (also available at Ministry of Transport
  • Multikraft? Nein danke! stickers


After the Animal extinction event, a limited number of animals are now availble at the admin shop to help repopulate the world.

  • Rabbits
  • Sheep
  • Cous
  • Pandas
  • Hogs
  • Chickens
  • Cats

Other stock

The other stock tends to be overpriced at this shop; shop around for better prices. The items listed below are all craftable.

  • Iron axes, pickaxes and hoes
  • Sticks
  • Wire transfer terminals
  • Level 1 ATMs
  • Big Tree Saplings
  • Walkways (travelators)
  • Luacontrollers

Known Admin Items

As an addendum to this shop's stock, the below list is meant to be an exhaustive list of such items (however it may be incomplete). Many of these items aren't sold at either the admin shop or minitrans and must be given by admin; the sale of admin-given items is still illegal.

Railway Items

For help on any of these advtrains items, see the advtrains wiki

  • Any item belonging to advtrains_luaautomation (AdvTrains LuaATC)
    • LuaATC Tracks
    • LuaATC Operations panels
    • Passive Component Naming Tool
  • Any item belonging to advtrains_interlocking (AdvTrains Interlocking)
    • Track Circuit Breaks (TCBs)
  • Any item belonging to advtrains_line_automation (AdvTrains Line automation)
    • Station/stop rails
  • Any item belonging to advtrains_train_industrial (Industrial trains)
    • Red Industrial locomotive
    • Logging wagons
    • Lava wagons
    • Track wagons
  • Any item belonging to advtrains_train_japan (Japanese trains)
  • Any item belonging to advtrains_signal_ks (KS signals)
    • Ks main signals
    • Ks signal masts
    • Ks shunt signals
  • Any item belonging to advtrains_freight_train (Freight trains)
  • Any item belonging to JR_E231series_modpack (*Ha trains)
  • Wallmounted signals (advtrains:signal_wall_*)
  • ATC tracks (advtrains:dtrack_atc)
  • Loading (advtrains:dtrack_load) and Unloading (advtrains:dtrack_unload) tracks
  • Platform signs 1-10 (may have crafting recipes available soon if Blockhead's branch] gets added)


  • Apartment control panel