Anju Crossing Central

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anju64 crossing Central
View from Plattform.
View from Plattform.
Coordinates: 🌍 -443,3,385
FoundedSep. 2019
Founded byanju64

anju64 crossing Central is a new Station under construcion. It is planning to union different Lines in this area in one Station.

  • Spawn Subway Line 6 from Library Station to Henderson-Hasselbalch Street via Riverside, Spawn and Origin.
  • Spawn Subway Line 7 from Birch Bay East to Planetarium via Anju Crossing Central and Spawn.
  • E1 the express line from Personhood to Mom Junction via Spawn.
  • S12 the local train between Ehlodex and Spawn Main Station.
  • And the new privat line from LTBAG between Anju crossing Central and Bananawood.