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Top view of the Arcade.
General information
TypeLeisure center
Address1 Arcade Road
Town or cityOrigin flag.png Origin
Coordinates🌍 -60,13,-14 (map)
InauguratedLate August 2017
Owner👑 gabriel

Arcade is a leisure area built at Arcade Road, on the western part of Origin city, built at late August 2017. This arena contains two small mazes and another larger one to play Pacmine, a Pac-Man clone adapted to Minetest.

The entrance fee costs only 1 MG to be able to play Pacmine for unlimited time (until leaving the premises) in the following modes according to the labyrinth sizes:

  • Classic board: 1200 m² maze featuring a classic Pac-Man board.
  • Mini board: smaller version of the Pac-Man clone board in two smaller mazes occupying a total of 900 m².


It has the same mechanism as the original Pac-Man game. The goal of this game is to accumulate as many points as possible by collecting all the pellets that are spread across the board while eating fruits when they spawn, and eating ghosts only when the super pellet is eaten.


The main problem with this game is that only one player can play simultaneously in each labyrinth, being 3 the maximum number of players who can play at the same time inside the arena.

Also, the high loudness of the game when someone joins in is also criticized often, being the beginning melody listenable from thousands of kilometers away.