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Arcadius as of 26-April-2019.
Arcadius as of 26-April-2019.
Coordinates: 🌍 -1830,8,1013 (map)
Founded byMaverick2797

A small settlement nestled between Trap City, Birch Bay and Bamboo City.

Population: Maverick2797. The Chicken escaped

As of March 2019, Arcadius consists of:

Arcadius Tower
The current home of Maverick2797, Arcaduis Tower is (currently) a two story, roofless structure (to enable easy glider access.) The majority of the base of operations is hidden away through the careful use of hidden entrances below the surface of the ground. It is common to see various mesecon and digiline experiments left laying around on the main floor. Notable features include the Translocator (switchable teleport pads,) an IRL clock with both the Server time and Maverick2797's own time (UTC+8,) and a small collection of short fiction to read on the couch by the fireplace on a rainy day (Keep an eye out for a fanfiction crossover by Maverick2797).
Arcadius Harbour
The mess-econ created by the combination of "I need a farm for this" and "Automate Everything." Currently berthed is the HMS MASS STORAGE, being filled with wheat and hay from a since removed wheat farm. The rail yard is controlled via use of a prototype "Diode Matrix."[1] There are fears from server moderators that turning on this "crazy contraption" will lag the server (at least more than usual).
Hole-In-The-Hill Halt
A curious place, the hole has been in the hill since map records began. Its original purpose long forgotten, it has since been converted to a dropshaft mine by the local inhabitants.
Gravity Peak
A popular hang gliding launch site, providing views across the Arcadius townsite to the east, OCP Farms to the north and Arcadius Harbour to the West. A ramp has been constructed allowing safer launch from the peak, and a sky-elevator is available for patrons to use to reach Trap City Airport (heading 115.) Gliders are commonly seen dropping through the central hole and appearing from under an overhang on the Western side to continue an adrenaline-fuelled flight across the harbour.
Gravity Peak Glider Course
A simple test, the GPGC tests a pilot's skills, reflexes and most importantly, their lag-free takeoffs. It winds down, around, and even through, the Gravity Peak hillside to come to a finish on the beach. A teleport-pad is available to return pilots to the top.
Wind Turbine
Originally designed to be the main power source for a town expected to spring up in the surrounding area, the wind turbine has since fallen into disrepair. It is now more commonly used as a proximity obstacle by glider pilots.
2018 NYE Concert Barge
To celebrate the transition from 2018 to 2019, a concert barge was put in place in the shallow waters near Arcadius Tower. Due to reasons, music has never been played from the barge. A lights test, however, can be seen whenever the sun goes down due to a faulty wire and a solar panel.
The barge came into use again on New Year's Eve 2019 when Maverick2797 and Blockhead called for a group shot[2]. It took a while to set up because users without teleport privileges and without teleport pads set to Arcadius' concordes had to arrive by train.
Art in the Park
Local sculptor Maverick2797 has erected two sculptures made entirely from marble in the open area behind the Underground Station. "Atlas Stands" and "Draco Ignis" are best seen at night, when the lighting is low.
To celebrate the release of Marvel's Avengers: Endgame a large pixel-art poster has been created to the north of the settlement (R.I.P Stan Lee)