Arcadius Station

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Arcadius Station Aerial EastView.jpeg
Aerial view of the station looking east.
Coordinates🌍 -2090,21,860 (map)
Other information
Station codeArc
OpenedJuly 2019
Preceding station   Local Lines   Following station
toward Euler Street
toward Mom Junction

Arcadius Station is a passenger railway station serving Arcadius. It is served by Local Lines S20 and S23.

The station is grand in construction, with curved platform shelters made of stone blocks, baked clay and tinted glass. The station has 3 passenger tracks, 2 of which are served by the S20 train. The other track on the south forms the terminal track for the north end of S23. The track on the north is a bypass track for freight trains.

This station is an important junction point between the S20 and S23 lines, which are also used for freight traffic. Just east of the passenger station is Arcadius Interchange, which forms the junction of those two lines. Freight trains previously had to travel through Arcadius Yard to connect between the lines.


The station was opened in mid to late July 2019 as the S20 service reached Arcadius. It was architected by the local Maverick2797.

The south platform was made in October 2019 when the S23 was planned to be extended to the station; however it only opened to passengers on 18 January 2020.

On 18 February 2020, works were started to build a proper interchange between S23 and S20 at the station, owing to the demand for direct freight access between East-West Link and No Idea. The trackage was built that day. On the 19th, interlocking was completed. All that remains to be done is proper supports and re-routing of the arterial road, which is directly under the interchange and needs to be moved due to the supports for the viaduct interfering.