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Arse Train Lines (ATL) are the train lines run by User:ARSE7.

Current Services

Gold Line
Silver Line
Mithril Line


The lines are mostly double-tracked, but single-tracked near and in terminal stations. Gold line uses a subway wagon marked line 1. Some call this train a shittle. Silver line uses a Japanese train.


Originally, there were two parallel but separated tracks leading from Neverbuild to Ocean City with a tunnel that had a platform for Mushroom Land on only its eastern side. The station at Ocean City was aboveground for the eastern track but at ocean level for the western track. With the creation of Silver Coast, both tracks were extended on a long floating stone tile bridge to that village.

On 17 April 2019, nanepiwo decided it was a good idea to extend this track to Ehlodex. So, a tunnel was built to there. In addition, nanepiwo placed ATC tracks on the rails throughout the ATL network, creating the following services:

  • ARSE7 Line 1 - Neverbuild > Mushroom Land > Ocean City
  • Ocean City Express - Neverbuild > Ocean City > Silver Coast > Ehlodex

The services were soon modified to their current form, named after ores but keeping the same trains.

Later, ywang asked if ARSE7 would build a train line to Crossroads. The request was accepted, and the new line, Mithril Line, is now in operation.

On 04 May 2019, nanepiwo extended the Mithril line tracks with a tunnel under Silver Coast and connection to Ehlodex. This also resulted in a new underground Silver Coast station that was closer to the city hall. Smacker did the interlocking.

On 05 May 2019, nanepiwo and ARSE7 built another exit to this station on its west side. It now has a tunnel to Shopping Center and access to the elevator to the glider jump area.

As of 12 May 2019, the proposed Zinc Line to pseudonyme's shop is under discussion.

On 19 May 2019, Silver Line was rerouted between Silver Coast and Ocean City to follow the landscape. Trip times are now shorter as well. This was built in conjunction with the first phase of the Crossroads - Colored Grasses Line. The stone tile floating bridge was largely demolished, freeing up the skies of Ocean City.