Bamboo Bay Village

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Bamboo Bay Village
The waterfront buildings of Bamboo Bay Village
The waterfront buildings of Bamboo Bay Village
Coordinates: 🌍 411,23,3094 (map)
FoundedOctober 2019
Founded byMarnack

Bamboo Bay Village is a settlement surrounding Bamboo Bay just west of Personhood. The village is rural in character yet has several several industrial operations within its borders.

Bamboo Bay itself is a long, mostly shallow stretch of water and is part of a large lake. Bamboo Bay Shore Drive is a scenic road that circles part of the bay and provides easy access to some of of the village’s key buildings. One of Bamboo Bay Village's most iconic buildings, Marnack's windmill, is located at the entrance to the bay.

The village’s administrative center is a short walk west of the bay and is situated near the eastern base of Deep Valley Mountain.

Not being large enough to support it's own railway, the village relies on the services of the Personhood Metrorail system for public transport.

The Personhood Western Bypass, a mixed use (passenger and freight) railway line, also passes through the village and serves the industrial transport needs of the community.

Notable Buildings and Areas