Bamboo Bay Village Station

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Bamboo Bay Village Station
Bamboo Bay Village Station 20200608 162410.png
Looking southwest towards Bamboo Bay Village Station
Coordinates🌍 521,19,3147 (map)
Other information
Station codeBbv
Opened08 Jun 2020
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station
begin return loop
One-way operation
One-way operation
continuous loop clockwise
One-way operation
toward Memory
toward Shore
Future Services
Preceding station   Vector Transport Initiative   Following station
toward V Tecta
VTI - Kerbin
Future service

Bamboo Bay Village Station was built in November 2019 to serve at the main station for the then recently founded Bamboo Bay Village. It currently contains two pairs of platforms. One pair is located above ground under a large wood and desert stone tile lined roof with visible support beams, rafters and large hanging light fixtures. These platforms sit alongside opposing sidings of the Personhood Western Bypass whose tracks bisect the village. The second pair of platforms is located below ground in the Panda Reserve Tunnel which is part of the Personhood City Tunnel line of the Personhood Metrorail system.

Also located within the station on the lower level is the Bamboo Bay Cafe, an ATM and the ticket office.


Train service first began at the station on the 8th day of June, 2020 when the S16a was rerouted to loop around the bay instead of terminating at Deep Valley Mountain Station, the S16b was initiated to loop in the opposite direction within the village and the S17 was initiated to serve Deep Valley Mountain instead of S16a. The S18 began operating and serving Bamboo Bay Village on 11 September 2020. The S16a became the S16 on 06 October 2020.

The station underwent a couple of changes after its initial construction before it opened six months later. Originally, the station only had the two above ground platforms. The S16a passed diagonally under the new station in the Panda Reserve Tunnel on its way to and from the nearby Panda Reserve Station to which there was a short walkway tunnel connecting the two stations. With the addition of diagonal platforms to the server a short time later, however, it was decided that new diagonal platforms could be built in the tunnel and added to the station thereby allowing the Panda Reserve station to be retired. Another set of changes were made in May and early June of 2020 in which all four platforms were extended by approximately 50% to support longer trains such as the VTI Kerbin Service which is expected to begin stopping at the station on its way to and from Personhood West Station later in 2020.

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