Bambus Village

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Bambus Village
Other transcription(s)
 • Chinese竹澳村
austinhuang's house, currently the only building in the village.
austinhuang's house, currently the only building in the village.
Coordinates: 🌍 1959,8,2430 (map)
SettledJune 8, 2020
FoundedJune 12, 2020
Founded byaustinhuang
⚖️ Ywang
 • Land Manageraustinhuang
 • Total0.005 km2 (0.002 sq mi)
(June 12, 2020)
 • Total1
 • Density200/km2 (520/sq mi)
The village currently only contains Area 13661, though it may expand in the future.

Bambus Village is a settlement south of Personhood in the bamboo forest. It was founded by austinhuang on advice of ⚖️ Ywang. The village is entirely rural, mostly covered in bamboo. An open public mine situates between the West and North lots.


There is a sewage outlet towards the sea in the west. The outlet also doubles as a LV Hydro generator group.

A MV power grid for the village is being planned.


  • Outside village boundaries, there is an elevator built by ⚖️ Smacker at the northeast exit of Bambus Station.
  • The village has two footpaths:
    • Bay Street connects the south exit of Bambus Station to Unnamed Highway 10.
    • Yonge Street connects the aforementioned stone tunnel to Bay Street.



Lots are assigned within the village territory, even though users can build outside the boundary as they wish, as long as natural features are being respected.

  • North: 560m2 lot on the back of a hill. Available.
  • East: 936m2 flat lot. Available.
  • West: 624m2 lot on the back of a hill. Currently occupied by User:Austinhuang as his own residence and administrative center.
  • South: 410m2 flat lot facing the mountain. Has water source. Available.