Banana Forest Station

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Banana Forest
Banana Forest PlatformS1 RiversideFacing.png
The platform for S1 facing Riverside, with a train about to depart for Origin.
Coordinates🌍 -420,8,-795
Other information
Station codeWbb (subway), Bnf (Local Line Interlocking)
Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Szymon's Dam
toward Large Beach
Preceding station   Local Lines   Following station
toward Spawn
toward Origin

Banana Forest is a maze of twisty little passages, all alike station on the Spawn Subway and Local Lines networks, serving Lines 2, 3 and S1. It is named after the terrain above which is a beautifully preserved banana forest (though at its east end there is some mushroom biome). Its construction is very basic: plain stone, stone brick and clay brick.


All of the platforms are in completely different places.

  • Surface: S1
  • Underground 1 (South): Line 3
  • Underground 2 (East): Line 2


Actually it's not that bad if you have this map.

To get to the other platforms from Line 2 take the stairs west and up. At the 3-way, take the right if you are going towards Origin on S1, or go straight all the way to get to Line 3 or Spawn. For the other platforms: at the surface, go left and down for Line 3 or up and right for S1 towards Spawn.

To get from the Line 3 or S1 platforms to the Line 2 platform: First take the stairs up if you are exiting the platform for Line 3. Then take the stairs down eastwards and continue eastwards as long as practical, then turn left and go down to the platform for Line 2.

To change from Line 3 to S1: Go up the stairs to exit the platform. Go up the stairs immediately for Origin or through the underpass and left for Spawn.

nanepiwo wanted to improve station signage and layout while constructing Bananame but determined that too many areas needed to be acquired.