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View of the town center.
View of the town center.
Coordinates: 🌍 -408,15,-912 (map)
Founded bynanepiwo

City built and managed by User:Nanepiwo. It is located east of Riverside and west of Onionland, on the southern terminus of Line 3. Consistent with its builder's style, this city has multiple buildings, including a library, a town hall, and a retirement center, that will never be completed. Even its name is temporary. Banananame embraces the banana tree. Additionally, visitors can climb up a mountain to reach an overlook with good views of Riverside and the surrounding area.

CoolKittycat home

When Bananame was founded, it inherited CoolKittycat's abandoned and largely destroyed banana wood home. It was haphazardly protected and its owner had gone missing for many months. However, nanepiwo insisted on preserving the site's "historic heritage." An argument soon ensued with User:Smacker on 05 November 2018, who restored the house into a respectable hut despite nanepiwo's loud objections. A principal complaint was that its floor was made of redwood, which nanepiwo argued was not a building material available to noobs. Signs remain behind the house detailing this argument, along with a grave for CoolKittycat.

The name

When the city was founded, Line 3 was extended from its prior terminus Banana Forest. At that time, a name for the new settlement did not exist yet. It was supposed to contain "Banana" somewhere in the name. So, nanepiwo had added a sign where "Bana[name]" was written in the city's central sign board, a placeholder for the future city name. When User:Orwell started operation of the Line 3 extension, a station name was required, and, originally meant as temporary name, "Bananame" was used. This name became entrenched with signs on various roads at the city limits.