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Created by BigFishPimp located west of Trisiston, north of Sraczka2's Village. Right now it has a Tech stations, a railway station, apartments and plots for players to build houses.


E3 express line trains serve BigFishCity as a terminus station, but possibly as through-running in the future.

Sraczka2's Village Bypass is a pathv7 generated path that travels through the north of the city and heads towards Shanielle Park.

Flag of  BigFishCity
BigFishCity on the map render (2020-11-20)
BigFishCity on the map render (2020-11-20)
Coordinates: 🌍 -5154,15,-2653 (map)
FoundedMay 2020
Founded byBigFishPimp
 • MayorBigFishPimp

alternate flag