Building Codes

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A number of rules regarding building at large will ensure that the server remains a pleasant place:

• Protect your areas! The chat commands to do so are available to everyone. See the info page on Areas mod [1] for more info.

• No death traps please.

• Bridges must have at least 2 meters clearance above the surface of water, for those who travel by boat. Especially bridges that carry tracks — laid at sea level they are a definite NO, basically being a death trap.

• Waterways (rivers, straits, bays, canyons, etc) must not be obstructed (made impossible to traverse by boat). Structures built on water are exempt as long as they keep enough water surface intact.

• The server has a number of different kinds of roads. Some are artificial (feldweg paths, paved roads), some are generated as parts of the map (wooden paths). Neither should be griefed or obstructed.

• In the best interests of people using bikes, roads that players make should not have height differences of 1 full block (bikes cannot ride over such an edge).

• Try to avoid building Cobbleboxes. There are many ways (such as the circular saw, CNC) to build nice structures.

The following recommendations will help ensure the world will look nice:

• Trees do not re-appear once cut, and neither do their fruits when gathered. Please replant.

• Don't leave "floating treetops" — trees which have only their lower part removed. It's ugly.

• In dense forests, use the mini chainsaw to avoid accidental deforestation.

• When gathering lava/sulphur/obsidian, try to avoid creating lava spills. They are both ugly and dangerous.

• Most materials are renewable (chiefly through technic mod's machines). If you need large amounts of building materials, it's preferable to produce them than to gather them in the wild.

• Pointless destruction of landscape is not only frowned upon, its pure griefing. It's best to build in harmony with the terrain, as opposed to flattening everything. There are some cases where you can nicely flatten the terrain, by replanting trees and making it look natural, but most times that never happens. Please only flatten if you are going to do an exceptional job of it.