Crossroads Transport

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Crossroads Transport
Line Map including ATL
Area servedCrossroads
Transit typeCommuter rail
Number of lines6
Headquarters6 Second Street
Began operation2019
LuaATC environmentCrossroads

Please read the section "Service Change" below for information about current and previous service changes.

Crossroads Transport is a company founded by User:Ywang. The company currently manages most the train and ferry lines in Crossroads (except SM1, which is run by LinuxWorks State Rail) and some long-distance train lines. It also manages the Crossroads Railway Standard.

Operated Lines

Type Lines
Short-distance railway line in Crossroads (1-9)
Mountain Railway (11-19)
Shuttles (21-29)
  •  CRT 21  (Crossroads Mining Shuttle)
Ferry Services (101-109) (In construction)
Internal line numbers, not in service (900-999) 900 (Unknown)
901 (Train is (or should be) in depot)
902 (Train is not in service)
903 (Train is out of order)
Operated with Arse Train Lines (ATL-)

Crossroads Railway Standard

Crossroads Transport uses and manages the Crossroads Railway Standard, part of the (undocumented) Crossroads Standard.

Platform Length

Length Used for Usage Notice
  • Former  CRT 1  stations
No longer used
  • Crossroads Smacker's Station
  • Old Crossroads City Hall Station
Deprecated since the reconstruction of Crossroads City Hall Station
  • Crossroads West Mountains
Recommended for most trains
25 Some stations along  CRT 2 
  • Crossroads City Hall
Recommended for mainline stations with long trains


Name Train Composition Used for Usage Notice
Short-distance Train Advtrains subway wagon inv.pngAdvtrains subway wagon inv.png
Mountain Train Advtrains detailed engine steam inv.pngAdvtrains wagon inv.pngAdvtrains wagon inv.pngAdvtrains wagon inv.png  CRT 12 
Mountain Train, Variant 1 Advtrains detailed engine steam inv.pngAdvtrains subway wagon inv.pngAdvtrains subway wagon inv.pngAdvtrains subway wagon inv.png  CRT 11 
Mainline Train Advtrains subway wagon inv.pngAdvtrains subway wagon inv.pngAdvtrains subway wagon inv.png


Although Station/Stop tracks already exist, ⚖️ Ywang is still willing to use LuaATC instead, due to some advantages of LuaATC. At the same time, this part is written as ⚖️ Ywang's reference when using LuaATC functions from the environment.


  • F.dst() - Get the current timezone. Returns CET or CEST.
  • F.error(errorcode) - Send an error according to the defined error code.
  • F.stnbasic(stn,side,optime,reverse,acc,out,reventry,predepart,postdepart) - A highly customizable function for stations
Explanation of F.stnbasic
Parameter Expected type Usage Meaning of nil
stn string Station code Unknown station
side L, R, or C The door that will be opened Doors on the right side will be opened
optime positive integer and 0 The length of time (seconds) for which the door will remain open Doors will be open for 15 seconds
reverse boolean Control whether trains will be reversed ("R") after doors close Train will not be reversed after doors close
acc integer between 1 and 20 (incl.), or M Speed at which the train will drive after departure Train will drive at ATC SM after departure
out string Change to outside text Outside text will not be changed
reventry boolean Allow train to pass in the opposite direction of atc_arrow Trains are not allowed to pass in the opposite direction of atc_arrow
predepart function Function to execute after doors open Does nothing
postdepart function Function to execute after Sacc Does nothing
next string Station code of the next station There is no next station
  • F.eval(expr,rettrue,retfalse) - a function that does the same as  ? : in C (short for if expr then return rettrue else return retfalse end)
-- F.hst - preset function for small stations (Haltestelle)
function F.hst(cur,nxt,side,spd,out)

-- F.bhf - preset function for large stations (Bahnhof)
function F.bhf(cur,nxt,side,spd,out)


  • F.stnlist - List of stations. This list can be found on Module:CRT.

Service Change

  • ATL Mithril Line ends at Silver Coast Central and does not travel east to Crossroads.
  • ATL Bronze Line no longer stops at Crossroads West Mountains.