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Crossroads Smacker's Station - Second Street Line
TypeCommuter rail
SystemCrossroads Transport
Line number1
Operator(s)Crossroads Transport
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map

Smacker's Station SM1
City Hall  CRT 2  ATL-M ATL-B
City Hall South
ARSE7's Shop

Crossroads Smacker's Station - Second Street Line ( CRT 1 ) is a line in Crossroads. The line was opened before Crossroads Transport was founded.


The Line started out as a clockwise ring line with the route Smacker's Station (known as Main Station at the time) - City Hall - Public Mine. The section near City Hall has been rerouted multiple times with the construction of Crossroads City Hall Station.

Later, Crossroads City Hall was reconstructed, forcing the line to be rerouted. At the same time, ARSE7 built the ASK Main Shop. Therefore, the line was rerouted to Smacker's Station - City Hall - City Hall South - ARSE's Shop.

In April, the line has been rerouted, and the section between Crossroads Smacker's Station and Crossroads ARSE7's Shop Station has been interrupted.

The line currently runs on demand.