CalebJ's Factory Station (Personhood)

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CalebJ's Factory
CalebJFactory ViewEast.jpeg
Looking east from the south platform, with trains passing both ways.
Coordinates🌍 2010,11,3236 (map)
Line(s)Personhood-Oasis Mainline
Other information
Station codeCJF
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station
toward PK Factory

CalebJ's Factory is a station on the S15 line of the Personhood Metrorail.

The station is above ground and consists of two stone brick platforms, connecting with a footbrdige of stone blocks and desert sandstone blocks. There is only one station sign. To the northwest is CalebJ's Factory "Arachnium", a very large outdoor factory with a lot of HV machines, digtrons, and huge hydro towers.

In addition to the passenger station, there is a freight siding into the factory, accessible from the northern track pair.