Colored Grasses

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Lucas Burlingham's creation. Nestled between Neverbuild, Crossroads, and Ocean City, the town is a small one, mostly made for vacation homes and mass storage.



A technic Station, mass storage and a public mine all reside here, as well as teleportation pads to ASK Main Shop and the Blade Of Grass Shop. Two apartments feature 2 smartshops, one sign, and one Locked Chest for seller uses. Any unstocked smartshops will result in discharge from the shops.

CG Technic Station

The Colored Grasses Station is complete with a working LV and HV network. The Technic Station is also equipped with a hand mill, a table saw and a Elphabet Block crafter for rent. Please unrent when finished so that other players can use this.

Available Services

LV Network

  • Furnace
  • Grinder
  • Compressor

MV Network

  • Grinder
  • Workshop
  • Thresher
  • Furnace

HV Network

  • Solar Generated (Please click the button at Spawn to turn this feature on if unpowered)
  • Furnace


At the moment, ATL Bronze Line stops at Colored Grasses Station.