Commonly Used Languages

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These are languages that are most commonly spoken on the server. Please add any that you see, or that I missed. Thanks!

  • English. Nearly everyone is caught talking in this language (or in Pietspeech) at some point in time.
  • German. Used by the admins and moderators, notably User:Gabriel, User:Orwell and User:Och_Noe. Signs abound on various mainlines in this language, holding cryptic messages.
  • French. The baguettes sometimes come for a séjour on the server. User:Smacker might try to talk to them.
  • Russian. Still don't quite know what they called me. There's a Russian translation of the server rules.
  • Spanish. Probably the most rare. You mostly run into this very late at night or in the early morning. User:gabriel and User:felfa speak this language.
  • Polish. Sometimes seen. Used by User:ARSE7 and User:Lordy.
  • Ukrainian. Was seen a few times.
  • Chinese. Rarely seen. This language is often written in a romanized form similar to Pinyin because CJK characters are not supported by Minetest. There's a a translation of the server rules.
  • Czech. There are a few native speakers but usually don't need Smacker's assistance.
  • Dutch. Very rarely seen in natural form, often seen as mixture into English as Pietspeech
  • Afrikaans/German. CalebJ sometimes speaks his odd mixture of these two languages when he gets bored of English. One example would be "Yebo, ich brauche einen Stapel", or "Kewl, danke", or even "Eish, das ist verruckt!". If you any clues as to what that means, gut. If you can reply to him using this mixture of the two languages, sehr gut.