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Incomplete City
Map of Crossroads
Map of Crossroads
Coordinates: 🌍 1785,5,985 (map)
FoundedApril 2019
Founded by⚖️ Ywang
 • Owner⚖️ Ywang

Crossroads is a city built by ⚖️ Ywang and some contributors. It is currently under construction, with many facilities and services still missing or incomplete.


Crossroads currently has some basic public facilities, but most are incomplete.

The following are facilities that are completed or functional:

The following are facilities that are planned or in construction:

  • Post office
  • Shopping Center

The following facilities no longer exist:

  • Old Hotel
The hotel was never completed and demolished in favor of the new (current) city hall.
  • Market
The market was an area similar to Spawn Market. It was demolished without completion due to the low popularity of the city and the space needed for the new (current) city hall.

Public Transportation

Trains in Crossroads are built and managed by ⚖️ Smacker, Arse Train Lines, and Crossroads Transport.

Standalone Buildings

This page also includes some standalone buildings in Crossroads.

ARSE7's Shop

This is a shop near City Hall built by ARSE7. The shop is served by Crossroads ARSE7's Shop Station.



This is the area that is the most active, notably the area around the City Hall.

Historically, the area also included Smacker's Station, but now it's part of West Mountains.


The Northern area mainly includes the area north of Station St. 9th Alley Station and a small part of Station Street.

West Mountains

West Mountains is the mountain area at the west of Crossroads City Center. The east part of the area, close to the City Center, is more active, with Smacker's Station and part of ASK Main Shop. The west part is served by Crossroads West Mountains Station.

Crossroads Islands

Crossroads Islands are islands controlled by Crossroads. It currently includes a 64x64 island.

Numbered Streets

Crossroads currently has multiple numbered streets, including:

  • Central nth Street, which runs parallel to Station Street south of CRT2 railway
  • Station St. nth Alley, which all end at Station Street