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Incomplete City
Map of Crossroads
Map of Crossroads
Coordinates: 1775 6 992 (City Hall Station)
FoundedApril 2019
Founded byUser:Ywang
 • OwnerUser:Ywang

Crossroads is a city built by User:Ywang and some contributors. It is currently under construction.

Public Facilities

Crossroads currently has some basic public facilities, but most of them are incomplete.

City Hall

The City Hall was originally built to be the place with more detailed information about the city. The old City Hall is removed due to the fact that it isn't used often, and the new City Hall is partially complete with the public facilities listed below as subsections. However, User:CalebJ believes that Ywang is making Crossroads a small building. In response, Ywang said that he could change the city name to "Compressey Crossroads", but it turned out to be a joke because Ywang plans to build more buildings.

Technic Station

The technic station was a building near City Hall Station with some technic machines. It is moved to the City Hall because it did not have enough space for new machines. The new technic station includes some machines that do not belongs to the technic mod.

Info Center

The Info Center is incomplete. It currently has the following information:

  • Server Rules
  • Lag Sources
  • Ciminals Code

Meeting Room

There are two meeting rooms on the 4th floor of the City Hall.

Travel Center

The travel center is incomplete. It currently has teleport pads to:

  • Stallmangrad
  • X Nihilo

Additionally, it also has a list of teleport commands to citites, including:

  • Origin
  • Spawn
  • Personhood
  • South Forest

Crossroads Transport Office

The office is in the fourth floor of the City Hall. This should not be confused with the Crossroads Transport Info Center at the lower floors (in construction).

City Hall Station

The City Hall Station is a group of stations. These stations include:

  • City Hall (North 1)
  • City Hall (North 2)
  • City Hall (North 3)
  • City Hall (South 1)
  • City Hall (South 2)


The Hotel was originally designed to be a place to live in. It was never completed, and it is currently demolished because Ywang is planning to build a larger hotel.


The Market was a large area for trading. It was never completed, and only one market stand has ever been rented. As a result, Ywang has removed the Market and built the new City Hall using the area. A new market will be built somewhere else.

Crossroads Main Station

This is the first station in Crossroads, built by User:Smacker. However, it is built in the mountains, and Ywang says that it will be replaced by City Hall Station and a planned station at the west side.

Public Transportation

Trains in Crossroads are built and managed by User:ARSE7, User:Smacker, and User:Ywang.

Short-distance Lines

Short-distance lines serve Crossroads and sometimes nearby settlements. These lines are operated by Crossroads Transport.

Long-distance Lines

Long-distance lines serve more settlements, most of which are usually far away from Crossroads. These lines include:

SM1 - stops at Crossroads Main Station
  • Personhood
  • Island
  • Greener Pastures
  • Crossroads
  • Barren Land
  • Gare de Paris Lyon
  • Snow Town
  • Midway Cliff
  • Stallmangrad
Mithril Line - stops at Crossroads City Hall (North 1)
  • Ehlodex
  • Silver Coast Center
  • Silver Coast East
  • Crossroads

Standalone Buildings

This page also includes some standalone buildings in Crossroads.

ARSE7's Shop

This is a shop near City Hall built by User:ARSE7.

ARSE7's Shop Station

This is a station at,the south side of ARSE7's shop. Currently Line 1 stops at the station.


Crossroads has some regiobal rules, but they were removed because the reconstruction made the rules meaningless. The following actions are also considered griefing:

  1. Building on/under the streets
  2. Making streets narrow.
  3. Not replanting pubmic farm (under construction)