Crossroads City Hall Station

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Crossroads City Hall
Crossroads CityHall Station WestView.jpg
View west of the station building
Other namesCrossroads, Rathaus
LocationBahnhofstraƟe 1
CoordinatesšŸŒ 1771,6,991
Owned byUser:Ywang
Operated byCrossroads Transport
Train operators
Other information
Station code
OpenedApril 2019
Preceding station   Arse Train Lines   Following station
toward Ehlodex
Preceding station   Crossroads Transport   Following station
Counterclockwise Route
 CRT 1 
Clockwise Route
Terminus CRT 2 
Terminus CRT 21 
Station Layout
To Mining Area I
Track Numbers
ATL Bronze Line
To Personhood West
ATL Mithril Line
To Ehlodex

Crossroads City Hall is the main station of Crossroads. Its construction is very basic, of stone tiles and glow glass with some 45 degree slopes. Most regional trains for Crossroads stop at this station. There are two more tracks/platforms at the City Hall for  CRT 1 .
Due to some errors when creating station codes, this station is known to have multiple station codes.


When  CRT 1  was originally constructed, it was a small platform beside the street. However, the slope at the west was more noticable than the station itself.

In a short time, the line was partially rerouted to go into a building instead of the small, ugly platform, which was removed. The building had only two tracks, only one of which was connected to a platform because the counterclockwise route of the line wasn't built yet. The other track was use by a freight train, which is used only to supply materials.

With the construction of ATL-M, the two more tracks (2 and 3) were added, sharing platform B. The line originally used a loop to turn around, but soon changed to use the "reverse" feature of station/stop tracks, avoiding the loop.

Later, the eastern part of the  CRT 1  loop was demolished in favor of a larger city hall. The line was also changed to stop at two elevated platforms that are extended from the city hall building. The station was then separated into multiple parts: North 1 (the main station building), North 2 ( CRT 1  clockwise route), North 3 (Reserved for  CRT 1  counterclockwise route), South 1 ( CRT 1  clockwise route), and South 2 (Reserved for  CRT 1  counterclockwise route). Track 1 was used by the newly constructed Crossroads - Colored Grasses Line (later ATL-B).

With the construction of  CRT 2  and  CRT 21 , two tracks (4 and 5) were built, sharing platform C, and two more passing tracks were built, along with a depot at the west of the station. The east area was also constructed for  CRT 2 .

Currently, no extension of the station is currently planned. Some freight trains might be planned and go through the passing tracks, but this will not have a heavy impact on the traffic in the station


Platform Track Line Dirction Operator(s) Schedule Notes
A 1 ATL-B Personhood West ATL and CRT ..:..:00
B 2 ATL-M Ehlodex ATL and CRT No
B 3 ATL-M Crossroads-Nordstadt West ATL and CRT No
C 4  CRT 21  Crossroads Mining Area I CRT No
C 5  CRT 2  Crossroads-Nordstadt West CRT No
N2 (R1)  CRT 1  Clockwise Route CRT Every 30 seconds
N3 (R2)  CRT 1  Counterclockwise Route CRT Every 30 seconds