Crossroads Smacker's Station

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Smacker's Station
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Station codecrsmacker
Preceding station   Crossroads Transport   Following station
Terminus CRT 1 toward Crossroads ARSE7's Shop
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Personhood
toward Stallmangrad

Smacker's Station is a station along SM1 in Crossroads. The station is the main regional connection between the Stallmangrad-Personhood Mainline and local trains from Crossroads Transport.


The SM1 station was built before Crossroads was founded, and it continues to exist with the name "Crossroads".

After Crossroads was founded, ⚖️ Ywang built a single-track station nearby for Crossroads Line 1 (later  CRT 1 . The station was called "Crossroads Main Station" at the time because Ywang wanted the station to become the main station of Crossroads. Och Noe also installed a timing system, making trains depart every 30 seconds.

After the reconstruction of Crossroads City Hall Station, more platforms and tracks were available than in Smacker's Station. As a result, Ywang renamed the former Main Station to Smacker's Station.

With the construction of the counterclockwise route of  CRT 1 , another track was built for Smacker's Station. Later, an improved timing system based on replaced the old timing system by Och_Noe.

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