Crossroads Transport

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Crossroads Transport
Line Map
Transit typeCommuter rail
Number of lines5
Began operation2019

Crossroads Transport is a company founded by User:Ywang. It is responsible for short-distance trains in Crossroads and some long-distance trains. The company has an info center in Crossroads City Hall.

Short-distance lines

Short ditance lines are lines that are mainly inside Crossroads City. These lines include:

Line 1 - City Hall Loop Line
  • Smacker's Station - SM1
  • City Hall (North 2)
  • City Hall (South 1)
  • ARSE7's Shop
  • Smacker's Station - SM1
Line 1A - Planning

Mountain Railway Lines

Mountain Railway Lines are lines that mainly serve mountain areas. These lines include:

Mountain Railway Line 1 - Y=26 Loop Line
  • Mountain Railway Main Station - CR-M2
Mountain Railway Line 2
  • Mountain Railway Main Station - CR-M1
  • West Mountains - ATL-B

Crossroads Railway Standard

These are some standards for local train lines in Crossroads.

Wagon Length

Crossroads usually uses multiple wagons to form a proper train.

  • Normal subway train: a train composed of two subway wagons. This type of train is used for Crossroads elevated railway.
  • Mountain train: a train composed of one steam engine and three passenger wagons. This type of platform is used for Mountain Railway.

Platform Length

Crossroads uses platforms with different length. Note that the length depends on the "usable" part and does not count platform blocks that are only placed to make the station look better.

  • Short platform: platforms with length 8. This type of platform is used for Crossroads elevated railway.
  • City hall platform: platforms with length 16. This type of platform was used for City Hall (North 1) Station, but the platforms are extended.
  • Mountain platform: platforms with length 20. This type of platform is used for Mountain Railway.