Crystal Farms Express

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Crystal Farms Express
Route map
Crystal Farms
XN to X Nihilo City
X Nihilo Regional - XN
Manaugh Griefing Memorial - XN S14
Personhood West - XN S16
E1 to Personhood
The Cube - E1 XN
Ehlodex - E1 XN S12 S13 ATL-M
E1 to Schwarzschildt Street
ATL-Z to Silver Coast
Someone's Crap - ATL-Z XN
XN to Land's End
Origin Berton Street ATL-Z 4

The Crystal Farms Express, or CFE, runs express from Marcuse Street Station in Origin to Crystal Farms. It passes through Ehlodex and Personhood West along its route, using the Hume Line and X Nihilo Mainline.