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Down Under Rail Transport DURT.png
Type Rail Freight Transport
Founded 27 August 2019
Founder Blockhead, Maverick2797
Arcadius Yard with the company motto in big signs on the tower

DURT (Down Under Rail Transport) is a transportation Company founded by Blockhead and Maverick2797 as a result of their connection with the East-West Link. The company's primary activity is freight transport on privately owned lines.

DURT's motto is "That's how we treat you!". This applies especially to their passenger service.


DURT operates rail yards out of Arcadius Harbour, Plantation Station and Edenwood Beach. These yards are equipped with roads for 1 locomotive + 8 wagon trains. Also connected to the network is Blockhead's stone tile factory in spawn. Production will take place at Arcadius and Edenwood/Edenwood Beach and some transhipment between these locations will occur, sometimes hopefully even achieving meaningful work other than having fun with trains.

Right of way

The company operates on private right of way on the East-West Link and North Harbour Plantation Line. The line to Pine Gap could also be considered. There are also plans to operate freight services to OCP stores, both at Desert View and Personhood.

Passenger Service

DURT operates passenger service on the Dry Island - Bamboo Hills line as S23. DURT agreed to upgrade it in exchange for it running on left-hand traffic. Service is currently between Bamboo Hills and Redwood. A depot at Tanh Cliffs has track laid with a roof or razor wire fence to be added later. There is also a connection to a trump express track that leads directly to Arcadius. This was used to send a working train along the line as it was upgraded and may be used in future for mainline freight.