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Down Under Rail Transport DURT.png
Type Rail Freight Transport
Founded 27 August 2019
Founder Blockhead, Maverick2797
Headquarters Under construction
Arcadius Yard with the company motto in big signs on the tower

DURT (Down Under Rail Transport) is a transportation Company founded by Blockhead and Maverick2797 as a result of their connection with the East-West Link. The company's primary activities are in constructing railways and operating services of passengers and freight.

DURT's motto is "That's how we treat you!". This applies especially to their passenger service.


The DURT CLOT showroom in Arcadius.

DURT has a range of solutions for constructing permanent way including subway tunnels, viaduct and ordinary track, available as part of their Construction Leveraging Over-the-top Technology (CLOT) division. The flagship model is the 90 degree moulded subway tunnel, which uses two digtrons to rapidly construct 90 degree bends for the company's subway tunnelling system. The products are on display in the DURT-CLOT showroom, across the road from Arcadius passenger station.


First run of the Line Monitoring System

DURT's founding project was East-West Link. It was a pioneering effort in making a dedicated freight railway and presented challenges in traversing and working around very built-up land in Origin. DURT negotiated with ⚖️ Och_Noe of OCP for the section near birch bay, and LTBAG for the section near what would later become Bananawood.

The company's second project was to upgrade the Dry Island - Bamboo Hills with all new ballast, earthworks, TSS signalling, and so on. The line was restored from a glorified Shittle into a high quality construction and in only a short space of time.

DURT worked on the South Forest Subway renewal. The subway had previously been non-functional for quite some time. A round tunnel boring machine was pioneered that allowed a large amount of the line to be rebuilt quickly and to a high standard. A lot of time was spent manually lining other sections that it was thought impossible to use digtrons for. The project also pioneered the use of LuaATC routesetting on the server and set new standards in passenger information systems.

In response to demand for through-traffic between East-West Link (EWL) and No Idea, DURT delivered the high-speed Arcadius Interchange and completed interlocking of the EWL to allow access by survivalg. To allow shared use of its assets and build its knowledge-base, the company produced and updated detailed track diagrams that allow easy planning by showing all routes.

Following the South Forest Subway signalling overhaul to LuaATC, a monitoring system was developed and implemented that enabled the position of each train to be easily located in the case of a track blockage. An expansion of such system to the S23 line is also planned.


DURT operates rail yards out of Arcadius Harbour, Plantation Station and Edenwood Beach. These yards are equipped with roads for 1 locomotive + 8 wagon trains. Also connected to the network is Blockhead's stone tile factory in Spawn. Production will take place at Arcadius and Edenwood/Edenwood Beach and some transhipment between these locations will occur, sometimes hopefully even achieving meaningful work other than having fun with trains.

Right of way

The company operates on private right of way on the East-West Link and North Harbour Plantation Line. The line to Pine Gap could also be considered. There are also plans to operate freight services to OCP stores, both at Desert View and Personhood. The company also manages the S23 tracks on behalf of the state.

Passenger Services

DURT operates passenger service on the Dry Island - Bamboo Hills line as S23. DURT agreed to upgrade it in exchange for it running on left-hand traffic. Service is currently between Bamboo Hills and Redwood. A depot at Tanh Cliffs has track laid with a roof or razor wire fence to be added later. There is also a connection to a Trump Express track that leads directly to Arcadius. This was used to send a working train along the line as it was upgraded and may be used in future for mainline freight.

The S23 service had been planned to be extended to Arcadius, and much of the train was built. However, Blockhead progressed with construction without permission and in an act of environmental vandalism dug a large trench in the native bamboo forest near Bamboo Hills Station. The line now lies abandoned and the company has yet to send a formal apology to Och_Noe's satisfaction. The project has since been completed after being semi-abandoned for several months as diplomatic relations were re-established between rival companies.

On 2019-12-05, Blockhead was granted the South Forest Subway. DURT now operates the subway, having upgrading sections of poor construction and converting it to left-hand traffic. Reconstruction works were completed on the 12th and the line officially opened on the 16th, after the server migration to minetest 5.1.

Apprenticeship Program

Note: apprenticeship roles will not be paid. You are working for experience and training.

DURT would like to train players who want experience with building railways. If the company has ongoing projects, apprentices will be able to join Blockhead on the projects. Applicants may also propose to complete some of their own projects with DURT. In your apprenticeship, you will gain comprehensive knowledge on how railways are constructed. Training may include: track building with digtrons, interlocking, signalling and ATC (including basic ATC, LuaATC and station rails). Applicants will need to ask for privileges before they can work in the apprenticeship role. Privileges are:

  • Required: train_operator and track_builder. Operating construction vehicles and doing track testing are integral parts of the process and apprentices must have train_operator so they can operate their trains independently. Railway construction often begins in new areas before the areas are protected, so all apprentices should have track_builder so they are allowed to work near the unprotected rails.
  • Required for interlocking: interlocking. You need privileges to perform interlocking. TCBs and signals will be provided by the company however.
  • Required for LuaATC: atlatc. It is not expected many apprentices that are new to the server and not highly trusted will be given this very sensitive privilege, but Blockhead is still willing to teach/collaborate with apprentices on using the system.
  • Bonus: train_admin. This is a convenient privilege to have, though since it is only given to highly trusted players it would never be expected of employees. Ordinarily, employees will drive company-owned trains with wagon properties set to allow them.

If you are interested in the apprenticeship program, please send mail or chat to 👑 gabriel asking him why you are asking for these privileges. Also send mail to Blockhead when you apply for the privileges and when you receive them. In your application please mention your usual playing hours on the server. As Blockhead runs on Australian Eastern (Daylight Savings) Time, it may be difficult for him to be on while you are, since peak period for European players seems to occur when Blockhead should be asleep. While we should be happy to accomodate you, gabriel reserves the right not to grant privileges and Blockhead reserves the right not to take on an apprentice, especially if he finds that apprentice to be of poor character.