Deep Valley Mountain Station

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Deep Valley Mt. Station
Deep Valley Mountain Station 20200509 172548.png
Looking southeast towards Deep Valley Mountain Station
Coordinates🌍 288,13,3125 (map)
Line(s)Personhood City Tunnel
Other information
Station codePhdw
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station
Future Services
Preceding station   Vector Transport Initiative   Following station
toward V Tecta
VTI - Kerbin
Future service

Deep Valley Mountain Station is currently the westernmost station of the Personhood Metrorail. It was rebuilt on 9 May 2020 when a second track was added as part of a project to develop the VTI Kerbin Service connecting V Tecta Union Station and Personhood West. In addition to the new rail, the existing grass platform was replaced and an additional platform was built for the second track. Both platforms are constructed from bamboo. New lighting was also added and a new stone brick stairway was built leading up to the path previously built by User:eliza.

Deep Valley Mountain (also called Windy Valley Mountain, not to be confused with the Windy Mountains) is a small mountain range to the west of Personhood City. User:eliza has a base built in the southern-most part of the mountain range.


Line S17 of the Personhood Metrorail ends here. The new track and platform on the north side are planned for VTI - Kerbin in the future.

User:eliza has built a bike and walking path connecting the station to the Manaugh Museum.

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