Department of Planning

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Department of planning is here to prevent collisions of plans. All massive projects should be discussed here before the building can start.

(feel free to move here anything from Planning if you want.)

Planning process

In case a plan conflicts with someone's property, the following procedure shall be used

  1. Plan will be written and published, allowing for a two week period for public amendments
  2. After that two-week period, moderators and affected players will be given one week to vote on the proposal and its amendments. gabriel's vote is the tiebreaker. Votes from interested members of the public can also be considered
  3. Then, the plan will be executed if it gets approved.

Currently Discussed Plans

Plans that still need to be discussed should be put here.

Approved Plans

Plans that are approved should be put here.

Completed Plans

Plans that are approved and completed should be put here.

Discarded/delayed plans

Plans that have either been discarded or are not or not yet carried out for other reasons. See the page for individual details.