Djungle City Subway Station

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Djungle City
DjungleCity PlatformViewSouth.png
Looking south across the platform at Djungle City Subway Station, with a train waiting before heading north and a train in the background heading south.
LocationDjungle City
Coordinates🌍 -220,14,310 (map)
Other information
Station codeDjc
Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Library

Djungle City is a station on the Spawn Subway network, serving Line 6. It is located in the planned but abandoned settlement of Djungle City by TommyBeeBop. There is a station on TommyBeeBop's Line 1 (L1) to the west of the Spawn Subway stop. The settlement of Djungle City is fenced off from its neighbours of Urbarroja to the south (a part of northern Origin) and Anju Crossing's nature district to the north and west.

On the surface, the station's construction is nice but plain, with two structures of banana wood and glass panes leading down to the subway. The subway platform is made of willouw wood with the tracks on redwood wood. Hemispheres of willow wood panel the walls that are made of aspen and there are arches of maple to the roof. The roof has more hemispheres and then banana wood panelling. Hidden underneath the bananawood slab panels are blocks of glo stone, which emit light through the banana wood panels because light travels through all blocks that are not full-size nodes.