Dry Island

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Hume2's house at Dry Island

Dry Island is a part of South Forest occupied by User:Hume2. Its dominant is Hume2's house, which consists of an overground part carved in a cliff and an underground part with industrial facilities.

Programmable Crafting Line

Programmable Crafting Line at Dry Island

Dry Island is known as the place where the Programmable Crafting Line resides.

The programmable crafting line is a universal machine that can be configured to craft various items. The recipes can use up to 8 crafters, 4 furnaces, 4 grinders, 4 compressors, 2 extractors and 2 alloy furnaces. There are 4 chests those can be used for input or output and 4 slots for additional machines. It is good in that it can be configured to do a lot of things and the configuration can be changed quickly without any extra resources needed. On the other hand, it is slower because the items have to pass through long pipes.

The machine consists of six floors. Each floor is a grid that has 8 input lanes and 8 output lanes. The input and output lanes are connected by valves. The valves are open or closed, depending on which machine the items should go in. Each item comes into an input lane, then to a chosen output lane and then into a machine that is on the end of the output lane. Each machine injects its results into the corresponding input lane in the next floor. The machines in the floor 4 inject their results into the floor 1. There is a poster that says which output lanes correspond to which machines.

Floors 5 and 6 are used for interconnecting. All output lanes 4 and 8 in floors 1-4 are connected with floors 5 and 6. These connections are multiplexed to save space. The items travel in both way and they are demultiplexed when arriving to either floors 1-4 or 5-6. There are input/output chests and additional machines connected to floors 5 and 6. These floors can be also used for transporting items across the floors. There is a poster that says which lanes are connected.

Whole machine is configurable by digilines. There is a lua controller for each two valves but they only work like demultiplexers. They only open or close the valves when a configuration signal comes. Each floor is configured by an array of 8 integers, where integer at position i says which output lane is chosen for input lane i. The crafters are configured by a set where there is a craffting recipe for each crafter. The names of the crafters are the same as their channels, which are written on a poster. The chests can be configured, which are for input and which are for output. It's done by an array of 4 booleans, where boolean i says whether chest i is for input. All of these are wrapped into one message that configures whole the machine.

The recipes don't have to be programmed each time again. There is a controller which has a database of recipes. There is a numpad, which can be used for choosing the recipe from the database. There are not many recipes so far but others might come.

And an important notice: All these lua controllers don't run permanently. They run only when the configuration is being changed, which doesn't last more than a second.

Volcano Digger

Volcano Digger

There is a digtron that is capable of removing lava pools from the surface. It can be found next to the underground S-bahn station. It can be rented for 200MG per hour, ask User:Hume2.

Technic Library

Dry Island Technic Library contains documentation of some experiments. Ask User:Hume2 to borrow a book.

Railway at Dry Island

Dry Island contains one U-bahn station overground and one S-bahn station underground. The overground station is served by line 21 and the underground station is served by line Dry Island - Bamboo Hills.

Hume2's Garden

Hume2's garden is placed above the Universal Crafting Line, next to the overground part of Hume2's house. It contains a few benches, farms and trees.

Wright Estate

Wright Estate is a house next to Hume2's house which belongs to User:ZZLP, which has been inactive for a long time. Its underground is connected to the underground railway station of Dry Island.