Dry Island - Bamboo Hills

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Dry Island - Bamboo Hills
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map

Bamboo Hills
Laza's Field
Memorial Mountain Railway
No Idea
to/from Spawn
Tanh Cliffs
to Trisiston
Luvr Tunnel
Great Manaugh Griefing Railway
Mom Junction (western station)
Spawn-Shanielle Park passing by northern station of Mom Junction
to Land's End
Dry Island

Dry Island - Bamboo Hills is a track pair leading from Dry Island to Bamboo Hills built by User:Hume2. It is 4.4 km long. There are 5 tunnels and 3 bridges.



The tunnel between Dry Island and Mom Junction is as straight as possible but it's called a slalom track.

During the construction, there was an incident with User:luvr because the track at Mom Junction was built above existing station building and the historical monumentality was ruined. Therefore, the bridge connecting the northern and western parts of Mom Junction was covered by leaves and hedges to make it more natural. User:luvr didn't want the track to lead through his neighbourhood and protected the area. Therefore the track from Mom Junction and Redwood was built in a retro style and Luvr Tunnel was built under luvr's area.


As of 2019-09-05, the line had no operations running on it. The northern section between Tanh Cliffs and Bamboo Hills was taken over by DURT, who would interlock the line and switch it over to left-hand traffic. On September 5, 2019, the Server's railway administration decided to close the Luvr Tunnel and the tunnel from Mom Junction to Dry Island due to poor construction quality and 2-slopes. It will be decided in the future if these stretches will be rebuilt.


On 2019-09-09 the line from Bamboo Hills to Tanh Cliffs was brought up to standard and the first passenger service commissioned, with ⚖️ Och_Noe still to finish the viaduct before Bamboo Hills. This involved ballasting from Laza's Field to Tanh Cliffs, a smoothing of the gradient, a reconstruction of No Idea station and an extension of the wooden brige to its south up to the station, and the construction of the depot at Tanh Cliffs (obviously not all done in one day).

Later the line was upgraded through to Redwood, some time around 2019-09-11. This involved massive lawnmowing, some tree-felling and curve smoothing from Redwood station up to the high point, as well as a small bridge and an embankment along the way to Tanh Cliffs for gradient smoothing.

The section between Mom Junction and Redwood will be reconstructed by survivalg and DURT along a new surface alignment. Construction was started on 2020-06-13, with the Luvr Tunnel being partially filled in in the process.