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E2 depart Marcuse platform1.png
An E2 service waits at the signal to depart Marcuse Street for South Forest
Route map
Origin (Marcuse St.) - 2 S1 Klb
Towards Onionland
Towards Personhood
Spawn Main Station - 1 2 S1 S12 E1
Towards Mom Junction
Towards Riverside
West Riverside
Industrial railway towards Newton and Riverside
Land's End West
Land's End junction line
Valley of Pharoah
Greenhat Mountain - 21
South Forest - 21
Planned to Stallmangrad

E2 is the express line running from Origin to South Forest via Spawn. There is a planned extension to Stallmangrad, which will result in local service on line S12.

Rolling stock

E2 is served by trains of 4 modern wagons.