Trisiston-Melinka Railway

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Trisiston-Melinka Railway
Route map
to Sraczka2's Village
Euler Street-Wolf Rock Railway
Elders Valley
Sinensis Plains
Desert Junction
Popolus Hills
Musa Island
Melinka Town
Melinka Town Mainline

The Trisiston-Melinka Railway is a railway in the Southwest of the map, linking Trisiston and Melinka Town. It was mainly built to replace the infamous Trump Shittle. This railway mostly conforms with the landscape, although bridges and tunnels are built where they cannot be avoided. The line was built so that Desert Junction can serve the mining and factory needs of Greater Trisiston. Various portions of the line were built by gabriel with worldedit, nanepiwo, or ywang improving platforms along the line.


The line is served by the E35 train between Trisiston and Melinka Town.