Edenwood Beach

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Edenwood Beach is a locality east of Edenwood. It has a Spawn Subway station on line 2.

Edenwood Beach
Sunrise at the swimming area.
Sunrise at the swimming area.
Coordinates: 🌍 500,3,-170 (map)
Founded byBlockhead


The subway station divides the locale in half. On the north side is Peach Hotel on Peach Place, a luxury resort with nice rooms, a pool and tennis courts. On the south side is the beach strip on Beach Road with public farm, swimming area and Blockhead's residence.

These two control the west shore:


  • mrtoast controls the east shore but has not logged in since 03 October 2018.
  • The north shore has little space between the subway station and the water.
  • The south shore is still undeveloped jungle. This will probably be the biggest area if Edenwood Beach expands.