Elders Valley

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Elder Valley is a noob city started in March 2020 to have enough space for new players from the CLT 2020. The contructors and cooperating mayors are ⚖️ Och_Noe and ⚖️ trap.

The Elders Valley Station was the starting point for the city. It will have several predefined plots of land to be used by new players. This approach is choosen to prevent any griefing of city intrastructure like streets and public buildings.

As of 2020-03-10 the works on the city have slowed down, because the CLT2020 had been canceld.

Current Planning

  • two additional station near the city borders (red lines)
  • empty shops for experienced players
  • usefull wiki page
Plan for tracks and stations

In Progress


  • a shuttle to the North-East (part of the blue line)
  • public machine park (in the city hall)
  • a public mine