Elders Valley

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Elders Valley
Flag of Elders Valley
Official seal of Elders Valley
Elders Valley on the map render, excluding Elders Valley Beach (2020-06-04), with 32 plots available.
Elders Valley on the map render, excluding Elders Valley Beach (2020-06-04), with 32 plots available.
Coordinates: 🌍 -3818,9,-3150 (map)
Foundedmarch 2020
Founded by⚖️ Och_Noe, ⚖️ trap
 • Mayors⚖️ Och_Noe, ⚖️ trap

Elder Valley is a noob city started in March 2020 to have enough space for new players from the CLT 2020. The builders and co-operating mayors are ⚖️ Och_Noe and ⚖️ trap.

The Elders Valley Station was the starting point for the city. It will have several predefined plots of land to be used by new players. This approach is chosen to prevent any griefing of city infrastructure like streets and public buildings.

Since 2020-07-12 at 20:30 UTC the city is open for players.

Like Nadinetopia, Elders Valley is a very flattened area, with a secret layer of bamboo bushes and the original terrain sitting beneath the current flat level of the terrain, ironically decreasing the depth of the 'valley'. Unlike Nadinetopia, the soil is actually fairly deep where flattening has occurred.


Players can teleport to Elders Valley with the /ev command.

Important Buildings

  • Town Hall
  • Information Building
  • Bauhaus University


Current Planning

  • empty shops for experienced players
  • usefull wiki page
Plan for tracks and stations

In Progress

  • two additional station near the city borders (red lines)


  • a hotel (contest participartion)
  • a shuttle to the North-East (part of the blue line)
  • public machine park (in the city hall)
  • a public mine

How to get a plot?

  1. As a new or not really experienced player
    Read and understand the rules, look in Elders Valley for a plot you like to have (and better look for one or two alternatives). Take a book and write the number(s) in the book and that you accept the local city rules. Then place that book in the mailbox for plot applications. As soon as possible you will be informed if you can get the plot - and an empty book.
  2. As an experienced player for a shop
    Ask ⚖️ trap or ⚖️ Och_Noe for a place, any area which is not usable as normal plot is preferred for this.
  3. As an experienced player for an exemplary (nice) building
    Look for a plot which is easy to reach so that many players see it and ask ⚖️ trap or ⚖️ Och_Noe about further details. Also have some sort of plan or description about your intended building prepared.


City Rules

  • the server rules apply
  • follow the global and the City Building Code
  • the land is only leased, not your possession; it may not be shared; when a player is a absent for a long period their land will be taken back
  • you can build a store on your land, there are also special plots available for stores
  • MV and HV technic machines are available for free use in the city hall
  • if you want to expand/need more space, please ask for possibilities and provide an explanation
  • the usage of the MkII chainsaw (green chainsaw: "The Unleashed Demonic Beast", "The Deforester") is forbidden anywhere in the city

City Building Code

  • the server building code applies
  • buildings should not be higher than 20m
  • the usage of lava in any way is forbidden
  • building and operating a nuclear reactor is strictly forbidden
  • trees should not be planted on the borders of your plot as they would then grow into other plots

Current Timelimits for new plots

In order to prevent that plots are looking like abandoned construction sites or wasteland the following time limits are enforced:

  • 1 week for the completion of the first floor
  • 2 weeks for the complete (outside) of the building
  • 4 weeks for the complete plot to be in a decent appearance (building and garden/farm/...)

In case you run into problems or are absend for some days while not finished the first building tell it beforehand to the city administration, any player who got evicted once from Elders Valley will not get a second chance to get any plot. Also any bigger reconstructions are falling under these time limits.

Current Timelimits for used plots

In order to have a living city community there are following limits for absence:

  • after 5 months for simple to medium complex construction is the player asked once per PM and notice on the wiki user page to give a feedback
  • after 10 months for really complex construction is the player asked once per PM and notice on the wiki user page to give a feedback

The player has 1 or 2 months to show further interest at the plot. If the player gives no feedback then the plot is talken back including all belongings on the plot. In case there building has some value the plot is auctioned or otherwise the plot is cleaned and offered again as free plot.

Current Timelimits for used shop plots

The main usage for shop plots is to sell or buy items or offer services. In case the shops are empty for 1-3 months (depending on the amount of smartshops etc and offered items) the player is given a 1 month time to restock. If that time has passed the value of the plot including shop is estimated and offered for sale or auction for that price. The former owner can also buy back the plot with shop for the estimated price, even when an aution was started.

Planned longer absence

In case a longer absence is intended please notify the city administration as soon as possible to prevent the eviction.

Available Plots

The plots are numbered so that they can be easily identified. The plots have a size of 20m by 30m and have each the same six different trees. The type of dirt in each plot can be different.

Here is the complete list of plots with all information.

Some plots are reserved, so please check if the plot you are interested in is really available.

City Announcements