Far East Railway

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The Far East Railway is a pla nned railway east of Erstaziland. It is built to serve some premises, built by Phawks. Except where otherwise noted, the line will be built as single-track with passing loops.

Planned alignment


Tendering process

Section 1: Erstaziland to Mushroom Field

This part of the line would start from Erstaziland, at a yet to be determined location. It should be connected to ATL Zinc Line and to the Personhood-Stallmangrad Mainline, for through passenger and freight connections. This section features three waterways which will have to be crossed by elaborate bridges.

This section will be 100% financed by the State.

Section 2: Mushroom Field to Josselin's house

This section presents little technical challenge since it is mostly flat and does not require any bridges. Stations should be built in interesting biomes along the way.

This section will be 100% financed by the state.

Section 3: Josselin's house to Phawks Biome Center

This section will be financed by Phawks. This section also presents little technical difficulty.