Fatamorgan City

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Fatamorgan City
Aerial view from the southwest
Aerial view from the southwest
Location of Fatamorgan City
Coordinates: 🌍 -742,16,-1421 (map)
FoundedApril 2019
Founded bymorgan8
 • Mayormorgan8

Fatamorgan City is a hamlet situated south of Newton. Fatamorgan City consists of tiny little houses made out of a wide variety of materials. There are 7 districts, in order mostly from west to east:

  • Free Beach District
  • Cotton District
  • Papyrus District
  • The City
  • Hills District
  • Mushroom District
  • Cliff District


The main train station

There is exactly:

  • 1 subway wagon
  • 11 willow platform edges
  • 1 bumper
  • 21 curved rails
  • 60 straight rails
  • 8 straight slope rails
  • 4 diagonal slope rails
  • 2 ATC rails
  • 2 stations

in Fatamorgan, but the ATC rails are not programmed correctly so the train does not operate. It is faster to walk anyway.

Things in the City

  • Central Bank
  • First Morgan Market
  • Fatamorgan Park
  • cotton, tomato and papyrus farms
  • MCC manufacture