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This page contains a list of alternate accounts of players.

With "alternate accounts" or "alt-accounts", we mean accounts (player names) that one player uses in addition to his/her primary account name, as well as accounts of players playing from the same computer or from the same household (when multiple users use the same IP address to join).

This list is required to protect against griefing incidents. Please add your own alt-accounts and accounts of your family members/friends who play from your IP address here. Failure to register them may result in ban!

List of Alt-accounts

Primary Alt-account name Purpose Comments
gabriel survivalg Survival account
  • nadine
  • Duff
  • FehlerSchnitzel
orwell orrwell survival account
corwellboy cow attractor (used to keep cows near feedlot)
or(r)we{Il/II/lI} Prevent trolls from impersonating orwell by using capital I, which looks similar in sansserif font
Felfa Felfa_TEST Test account
FeIfa Unused Just to avoid other users trying to impersonate Felfa's account.
  • katieburlingham
  • tabbyburlingham
  • rowifi
  • simondanerd
  • Siblings
  • Friends playing
LBMACHINEALT Keep area active
  • Darktech
  • FatCatGamining
  • Lagogameraaron
  • Squiggles_Galore
  • TheNeonExplosion
  • Keep area active
  • Friends playing
  • Sibling
The Chromium Factory (Known as the lag-tory) is just slightly too big inside to keep the switching station awake at all times.
CalebJ Coram Friend Buddy who plays on the same computer station
  • Och_Ja
  • Och_Doch
moderation additional accounts used for eg. fast help or inspections
tyrannic_moderator moderation
  • Additional account used for eg. fast help or inspections
  • Intentionally scary name
0ch_Noe unused account to prevent an possible malicious player to immitate Och_Noe ( O [big o] and 0 [digit zero] look similar)
moriturus moderation for rescue and cleanup operations in nuclear desasters
Sraczka2 martinalol10 Sisters
ywang yw05 Testing
Lordy Ydrol Keep area loaded
  • apprenticeAlt
  • idiot12
  • Area loading, camera account
  • Abandoned account, never used.
  • Lucifuru
  • wuwiu
omsi Toaletak Brother They both share one computer.
honza1 anca1 Daughter
LadyPyle DutchessPyle Siblings Siblings on the same local network
  • djray16
  • ball
  • Son
  • Testing Acc.
  • Child on the same local network
  • Account for ball testing
fj fj_Test testing
  • anju64
  • user_de
CEO_LTBAG Union account Account for cordinate LTBAG
  • BlockheadAlt
  • Blockhead2
  • AnonymousPublisher
  • Alternate account for testing things that need another. player testbh is an unrelated account.
  • I don't even remember why Blockhead2 exists sorry
  • Publishing books while preserving author anonymity.
Maverick2797 Wile-E-Coyote Emergency crash investigator, Trainspotter Originally used when client decided to "Kick the Bucket." Now used as a camera/monitoring station when performing remote/complex advtrains shunting manoeuvres.
  • toothless
  • mcqueen
  • orville
  • momo
  • mo-mo
  • Family
  • Testing
  • toothless,mcqueen is 7 years old and doesn't understand yet that he can't whack at everything. he might occasionally break something.
  • mo-mo is abandoned
Kulbacki998 Kulbacki In case of emergency , testing
  • Liamy
  • Lilyy
family All on the same local network; some have age related reading issues.
Derf_the_defender self Brought into existence solely to 'coral' Liamy's expectations.
ARSE7 Marshall
  • Nuclear testing
  • Danger exploring
ParalyzeEntertain untiltoday name reserved + backup account My forum username; also in case I change my password incorrectly. Unlikely to become the default name in the future.
Enderguyman3 Pignose Brother brother on same network
Osthoff21 ostho Brothers
BakerPrime BakerPrime1 Testing, Keeping chunks loaded
56independent alone23 extra extra account.
Pancakes Logan55 Logan55 is Pancakes' brother
tardies linuxah, testbh Family members
Imre imre2 dummy testchar Imre uses this alt to test his own area protections
Leopier roska Family members
Tulipa Yurex Son Same local network
  • Tulipa's test account
  • mayor of Huehnerkopf City
Same local network
Sajuk Permaded Stayin'alive account (blank)
  • Froge-Boi
  • Forg-Bruh
  • area testing, etc
  • Messing with uranium and nuc reactor cores
  • p3n15
  • JortSucker
  • J0rtSucker
noisytoot someuser43 Test account
Chiculata LightThunder Thunder22 Test account
fff fff-alt Backup account/digtron operator Originally created because another computer couldn't log in with fff for some reason.
  • jobakka
  • MsHavisham
  • family member
  • testing
Aksum Muska test (blank)
Cato Cato, Cyrus, Yin Friends (blank)
Cato Catoafk AFK account AFK
jankees ae2 child (blank)
  • LizzyFashion
  • Kitten39
  • MrBaker
  • manpan33
  • BananaGirl
  • Evil58
  • SoggyDoggy
  • manpan
  • Evilcat58
Four humans sharing one IP address
  • superaltratom (ryankasim)
  • charleskasim
Lagartija JatiLaEspanola, MRSZudai Family (blank)
X-D Experiment Family
rubberduck bobOMG created by accident planned as multicrap troll account... wrong server selected XD
erik23 docking friend
  • cucu
  • dkumi
  • dkmio
test they were test accounts to see if i could get something out of my main account
BreadBox64 PennCentral Misc. Alt (blank)
In Madrid In Kid He is my brother
dhausmig BettyLou, SantaClaus, Realtor, Everybody anonymity You are getting very sleepy. You forget you read this
Camella93 Camella23 forgot about old account

Registering alt accounts

To register alt accounts, add the following lines before the |} line, replacing your username, alt accounts, reason(s) for having the alt accounts, and notes with the name of your main account, the name(s) of your alt account(s), the reason(s) for having the alt account, and notes for the entry (if any):

| your username || alt accounts || reason(s) for having the alt accounts || notes

List of Humorous accounts

These accounts are only used for entertainment purposes.

  • ball
  • Marx
  • Engels
  • Notarzt
  • BOFH
  • HAL
  • Bat-Man
  • DrWho, Dr_Who, Tardis
  • robin
  • alexa
  • IchHabeMehrFollower
  • Darth_Vader
  • R2D2
  • me
  • Idefix
  • Anybody
  • HAL9000
  • Santa_Claus
  • LuckyLuke
  • Lina_Inverse
  • Advocatus_Diaboli
  • train
  • UnlimitedCraftWo
  • someone
  • Nobody
  • PM
  • Stalin
  • Four_Emporers
  • Simondanerd
  • Wile_E_Coyote, Roadrunner
  • Bed
  • Chaos
  • insulting-officer
  • lag-land
  • mainloop-trainlogic
  • OSHA
  • RedmondOS
  • Staatssicherheit
  • You_want_your_money
  • patientzero
  • JohannesFrauscher
  • luacontroller (HubsChromeFreeze)
  • b0nes (with a zero, Frog-Boy)