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This page contains a list of alternate accounts of players.

With "alternate accounts" or "alt-accounts", we mean accounts (player names) that one player uses in addition to his/her primary account name, as well as accounts of players playing from the same computer or from the same household (when multiple users use the same IP address to join).

This list is required to protect against griefing incidents. Please add your own alt-accounts and accounts of your family members/friends who play from your IP address here.

List of Alt-accounts

Primary Alt-account name Purpose Comments
gabriel survivalg Survival account
gabriel nadine,Duff,FehlerSchnitzel Friends
orwell orrwell survival account
Felfa Felfa_TEST Test account
lucasburlingham katie burlingham, tabbyburlingham, rowifi, simondanerd siblings and/or friends playing Sorry for any lag we may cause because we often play at the same time.
lucasburlingham LBMACHINEALT Keep area active LBMACHINEALT is just so that my machines function properly.
HubsChromeFreeze Darktech, FatCatGamining, Lagogameraaron Keep area active, friends playing The Chromium Factory (Known as the lag-tory) is just slightly too big inside to keep the switching station awake at all times. This causes the lights to shut off and machines to quit working when standing near one end of the factory.
CalebJ Coram Friend Buddy who plays on the same computer station
Och_Noe Och_Ja, Och_Doch moderation additional accounts used for eg. fast help or inspections
Sraczka2 martinalol10 playing sisters
Och_Noe tyrannic_moderator moderation additional account used for eg. fast help or inspections ; intentionally scary name
Och_Noe 0ch_Noe unused account to prevent an possible malicious player to immitate Och_Noe ( O [big o] and 0 [digit zero] look similar)
Och_Noe moriturus moderation for rescue and cleanup operations in nuclear desasters
ywang yw05 Friend, now alt account for testing This account belonged to Ywang's friend, who soon lost his interest and give this account to Ywang. This account is now used for testing.
Lordy Ydrol Keep area loaded
pseudonyme Lucifuru, wuwiu Brothers Not alt-accounts, just brothers.
omsi Toaletak Brother They both share one computer.
honza1 anca1 Daughter
LadyPyle DutchessPyle Siblings Siblings on the same local network
erstazi djray16 Son Son on the same local network
fj fj_Test testing
CEO_LTBAG Union account Account for cordinate LTBAG
Blockhead BlockheadAlt Testing Alternate account for testing things that need another player

List of Humorous accounts

These accounts are only used for entertainment purposes.

  • Marx
  • Engels
  • Notarzt
  • BOFH
  • HAL
  • Bat-Man
  • DrWho
  • robin
  • alexa
  • IchHabeMehrFollower
  • Darth_Vader
  • R2D2
  • me
  • Idefix
  • Anybody
  • HAL9000
  • Santa_Claus
  • LuckyLuke
  • Lina_Inverse
  • Advocatus_Diaboli
  • train
  • UnlimitedCraftWo
  • someone
  • Nobody
  • PM
  • Stalin
  • Four_Emporers
  • Simondanerd
  • Wile_E_Coyote, Roadrunner
  • Wile-E-Coyote