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Each player has 2 votes. You cannot vote for your own building. Voters will receive a small present of 20 MG. To see the hotels, go to -4721,7,-3706. Voting will be open until 2020-05-17 23:59 UTC.

Player Vote
Example Example1,Example2
LizzyFashion Jungle Wood Hotel, Flower Hotel
MrBaker Junglewood Hotel, Hotel Trapelton
Sajuk Hotel Trapelton, Flower Hotel
Sraczka2 Hotel Trapelton, Hôtel Du Château
m42uko Hotel TrapLton, Junglewood Hotel
Och_Noe Hotel Trapelton, Green Plain Hotel
spinkitty Junglewood Hotel, Green Plain Hotel
Marnack Flower Hotel, Green Plain Hotel
Smacker Catarakt Hotel, Green Plain Hotel
Felfa Flower Hotel, Junglewood Hotel
trap Flower Hotel, Cecil Hotel
nadine Flower Hotel, Trunk Hotel
Blockhead Junglwood Hotel, Green Plain Hotel
erstazi Junglewood Hotel, Green Plain Hotel
tztr Junglewood Hotel, Green Plain Hotel

The winner is:

Place Hotel Votes
1. Junglewood Hotel 8
2. Green Plain Hotel 7
3. Flower Hotel 6
4. Hotel TrapLton 5
5. (remaining hotels) 1 each