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Voting for the Space Ship Contest, each player can cast two votes to one or two players. Please don't write "2x" but the name two times to allow easy automatic counting.

The voting is open for 7 days since 2020-09-02 00:00 UTC until 2020-09-08 24:00 UTC.

Important notice: The organizers are sad to announce two disqualifications because of not fulfillung the requirements.

  • LizzaFashion: The contest entry looks like an elevated house, with no visible engines, no cockpit and no freight area. The passenger area looks not like it's sae for a space flight.
  • MrBaker: The contest entry has no passenger part, no visible freight part and no cockpit. Having to disqualify this entry is really sad because it's able to really fly, but the rules were given out to be followed by everyone.
Player Vote(s)
erstazi Tulipa
Och_Noe tztr
apprentice Tulipa,Maverick2797
ParalyzeEntertain Sajuk,apprentice
user_de Tulipa,tztr
Sajuk LizzaFashion, MrBaker ( Protest votes against censorship of artistic creativity -.- )
tztr Tulipa, Maverick2797
Tulipa apprentice,tztr (dark ship,not dark ship)
Marnack Tulipa, Tulipa
fff Maverick2797, Tulipa

Voting Results

The voting ended at 24:00 UTC and the results have ben published.

Total Point Name Votes First time bonus
7 Tulipa 7
4 tztr 3 1
4 Maverick2797 3 1 Maverick2797 is longer on the server as tztr
3 apprentice 2 1
1 Sajuk 1

Organizers' Notes of Results

The organizers of the August 2020 contest are happy to announce the winners of the contest:

  1. Tulipa
  2. tztr
  3. Maverick2797

They can now write on the discussion page which prize they want to have, with the priority given by the place.

The organizers had also decided when disqualifying the two entries to give a special price to MrBaker for the interesting construction of the working rocket.

Remarks from ⚖️ Och_Noe:

This contest marks also the end for OCP to sponsor or host the contest. The situation with the lag and therefor caused problems with resources and several other smaller problems left OCP to the decision to reduce all activities, including sponsoring.

Also, ⚖️ Och_Noe will, for now, not anymore take part in any contest. This redrawing from the contests was decided before this contest, the insulting of the organizers from one voter only confirmed that this is the right decision to not anymore donate prizes, help with the organizing, or take part in the contests.