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In this month's building contest, you are asked to build a Mountain Refuge, to spend your winter holidays in a cozy lodge in the mountains. The mountain refuge should be a nice and cozy hut in the mountains, where you can have some hot drinks to relax after a day in the snow.

Each player can nominate one building until 2020-03-02 00:00 UTC and then, all players can vote on the nominations. Contest:


  • First Prize: Set of all March 2020 commemorative notes
  • Second Prize: 1000 Minegeld
  • Third Prize: 500 Minegeld

Further prizes could be added if provided by sponsors


  • First Price: a 12-part digtron "Multi-tron"
  • Second Price: a 11-part digtron "Flat-tron"
  • Third Price: a 6-part digtron "Starter-tron"

OCP Sustainable Mountain Refuge Award

Special Price for a lodge which has as little as possible impact on the environment. The price is a set of LV machines and solar arrays. The winner will be choosen by OCP.

OCP preserved itself the right to change or revoke prices if less than four buildings are nominated and/or no building fulfils some minimal conditions for the special price.


(Please add here a few informations about your building to take part in this contest)

Marnack's Mountain Cabin

This rustic log cabin is perched high up the side of a remote mountain top. Outside is a spacious deck built along two sides of the cabin that is very well suited for watching the sun set or gazing over the lands below. Inside, several comfortable chairs face a stone fireplace where a robust fire warms the cozy interior. The kitchen area is only a few steps away where both hot coffee and wine are at hand. Above is a loft area reachable by ladder where several beds await those who are ready to retire for the night.

The cabin's coordinates are ๐ŸŒ -2996,116,5283 (map). A teleport pad has been set up temporarily in the manager's office of Marnack's Mill for those wishing to visit the cabin. A teleport pad to return to the mill from the cabin is located outside at the south end of side deck.


Erstazi's Mountain Cabin

A cabin on top of a peak. Far away from people. Location: ๐ŸŒ 1684,32,1360 (map).


Och_Noe's Mountain Cabin

The cabin is on a plateu on the 'Dual Peak Ice Mountain' near Trap City. It's not far above the snow line and offers climbers an ideal place to rest on the asdent or descent of the mountain. The cabin is designed to offer up to four climbers a comfortable night's lodging and seven climber place for a short rest, but it's prepared to offer up to 24 places for a safe stay inside over night or at bad weather (10 beds and 14 chairs). As it's designed to offer a safe place for a short or long rest, there is only the really needed furnishing and no additional comfort like in a hotel.

There is at OCP a teleport pad to the cabin. The cabin is at ๐ŸŒ -2696,107,1200 (map) and has a safe route down from the mountain and several opportunities to climb to the tops. There are some teleport pads in the area, which allow - when used - a complete view down of the mountain. One of the teleport pads is near trap's cabin and the pads form a complete ring, you will come back to your starting pad when using all.

There is also a hiking path to trap's cabin, which allows an easy travel between both cabins.

trap's DualPeakIce Mountain Resort cabin

DualPeakIce Mountain is an area near trap city. On the east direction of the mountain and above the lake who lays beautifully into a bamboo environment located the Luxurious cabin. The cabin provides accommodation for all the people and is free. Inside you can find all the comfort you need food -drinks , nice environment and amazing view who can offer you a unique feeling of hospitality and Luxury. Also we can provide you with some excursions like the teleport pads experience travel, who gives you the possibility to enjoy the full view of the DualPeakIce Mountain from all the areas around. Simple step in the teleport pad who lays outside of the hotel and follow the trip who can help you to load the whole map and enjoy the view. The hiking trails can offer an inspired walk into the mountain paths,climb to the highest peaks and even travel to the other side of the mountain, who exist the other cabin made by Och_Noe. A teleport pad into the Personhood Town Hall bring you in the cabin. Enjoy your staying. Regards Trap..

Survivalg's Mountain Cabin

Tumbledown Lodge is located at ๐ŸŒ -2615,110,-339 (map), near the summit of Tumbledown Mountain. It is safely reachable by a future train station and a path from there on.

Tumbledown lodge

Och_Noe's "how fast can a cabin be build" cabin

Notice: this cabin is not part of the contest! It was build in about 3 hours starting 5 hours before the closing of the competition after a discusion about how much time is needed to build a usable cabin.

The "3 hours" cabin is located on a mountain in Birch Bay near OCP at ๐ŸŒ -1473,88,389 (map). It offers the needed hospitality of a typical mountain cabin. As material was the locally available birch tree used. A teleport pad is in OCP available.

Nadines Falling Water Mountain House

Its a very small House above a waterfall in Nadinetopia near Personhood.

Coordinates for teleporting: ๐ŸŒ 1575,92,3255 (map) (added by --Och Noe (talk) 23:56, 2 March 2020 (CET))


voting has closed.

Player Vote
trap Marnack's , Och_Noe
Och_Noe trap, Marnack
Marnack Och_Noe, trap
erstazi Och_Noe, Marnack
Blockhead erstazi, Och_Noe
gabriel erstazi, nadine
Aksum Marnack's , Och_Noe
Felfa trap, erstazi
Nadine survivalg, trap
nanepiwo Marnack, Och_Noe
Pancakes Och_Noe, Marnack


  1. Och_Noe (7 votes)
  2. Marnack (6 votes)
  3. trap (4 votes)
  4. erstazi (3 votes)
  5. nadine (1 vote)
  6. survivalg (1 vote)

OCP Prizes

As Och_Noe is the owner of OCP he waives the OCP price and the additional prizes for the normal ranking will be shifted to the next ranked contestant:

1. Marnack 12-part digtron "Multi-tron"
2. trap 11-part digtron "Flat-tron"
3. erstazi 6-part digtron "Starter-tron"

It is intended to present the prices to the winners in a small ceremony.

The special award winner is Marnack with his cabin. The commission for the selection of the winner had much discussions until they agreed on a winner.