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In this month's building contest, you are asked to build a Mountain Refuge, to spend your winter holidays in a cozy lodge in the mountains. The mountain refuge should be a nice and cozy hut in the mountains, where you can have some hot drinks to relax after a day in the snow.

Each player can nominate one building until 2020-03-01 00:00 UTC and then, all players can vote on the nominations. Contest:


  • First Prize: Set of all March 2020 commemorative notes
  • Second Prize: 1000 Minegeld
  • Third Prize: 500 Minegeld

Further prizes could be added if provided by sponsors


  • First Price: a 12-part digtron "Multi-tron"
  • Second Price: a 11-part digtron "Flat-tron"
  • Third Price: a 6-part digtron "Starter-tron"

OCP Sustainable Mountain Refuge Award

Special Price for a lodge which has as little as possible impact on the environment. The price is a set of LV machines and solar arrays. The winner will be choosen by OCP.

OCP preserved itself the right to change or revoke prices if less than four buildings are nominated and/or no building fulfils some minimal conditions for the special price.


(Please add here a few informations about your building to take part in this contest)