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In this month's building contest, you are asked to build gardens and parks. Each garden should feature some water features, paths, benches, and plants. The garden should be a nice place to relax and spend your time. Size limit is 2000 m².

This month, every entry meeting a certain threshold of quality will receive a coronavirus minegeld note (up to 20 are available).

The Prizes are:

  • First Prize: 2000 Minegeld
  • Second Prize: 1000 Minegeld
  • Third Prize: 500 Minegeld

Important: Deadline for nominations is 2020-04-01 0:00 UTC.


(Please add some information below about your garden in order to take part in this contest)

SharkAttack's Greenie Garden

Greenie Garden represents the latest overhaul of SharkAttack's mostly artificially-constructed so-called "Random Island", the beginnings of which were discovered by putting random coordinates into a teleport pad. It started with an effort to create a traditional Joseon-era Korean garden. Korean landscaping philosophy involves mostly preserving the natural landscape, which wasn't an option in this case since most parts of the island are completely artificial. Random weird stuff that SharkAttack likes was then added — a colorful pond, a shark fin, and a tree in which all leaves were replaced by a variety of light sources.

SharkAttack is a noob who discovered the world of Minetest this month. SharkAttack is not trying to win the garden competition; SharkAttack just wants a coronavirus Minegeld note. If SharkAttack's eclectic sense of style hurts other players' eyes, they are lucky, for Random Island is in the middle of nowhere and this is SharkAttack's personal garden.

Greenie Garden can be reached by taking a train from Snow Town to Random Station, or by using the coordinates 🌍 1418,2,-804 (map).

Pancakes' Bone Sanctuary Park

Bone Sanctuary is located in Sakharov Street next to Pancakes' skyscraper and graveyard. It's filled with bones, because bones look cool and why not? Other features of this park include a fountain, some beautiful flowers, a maple tree,benches, and free snacks. It has a nice glo stone path for lighting. It is a smaller park that is a bit of a square shape. You can get on Line 5 (Lighthouse) until you reach Sakharov Street.

The main entrance coordinates are 🌍 -217,16,-224 (map)

Marnack's Peninsula Park

Peninsula Park is the newest addition to Bamboo Bay Village. It was constructed on a forested peninsula at the mouth of Bamboo Bay, opposite Marnack's Mill. It has a fountain, flower gardens, a children's play area and some secluded picnic and seating areas situated among many old growth trees. It is roughly oval shaped and is approximately 1700 square meters in size.

The coordinates for the west entrance are 🌍 523,10,2853 (map).

Felfa's Bellman Park

Bellman Park is the third park in the East Origin neighborhood, located north of Edenwood between Bellman Street and Adorno Street.

This wooded and illuminated park offers convoluted paths leading to various circles with benches where you can take a break. There is a small river in the west part of the park flowing from a corner fountain on the top that leads down to a pond. There is also a floating hut accessible from the stairs near the north entrance.

It's possible to access the park easily using Spawn Subway lines 1 and 5 stopping at Rockefeller Runway. Also, you can get directly into the north entrance from these coordinates: 🌍 290,17,0 (map).

Erstazi's Greener Pastures Garden/Park

Greener Pastures park is a quiet place to relax after a long day's work. The garden is accessible from SM1 and ATL-Z. The garden is well lit at night and patrolled so no smoking dope or leaving trash around. If you see animals roaming around, then please give them wide berth as they are aggressive. Located at the following coordinates: 🌍 1633,6,1514 (map).

Nadine's Secret Garden

Nadine's Secret Garden is a mysterious place in Nadinetopia near Personhood. The garden contains a large asian pagoda, four water fountains and a lot of beautiful flowers. It was my goal to create a quiet calm and harmonious place where you can relax and enjoy the nature. Coordinates for teleporting: 🌍 1522.8,15.8,3360.6

Survivalg's Citrus Garden

This is a small garden near the Freya Woods Station in Trisiston. It is a small grove biome landscape garden with two streams, a small pond and a small basin. Many benches invite you to sit and relax in this park. Concords for teleporting 🌍 -4323,13,-2945 (map).

Nanepiwo's Clifftop Gardens

These gardens are part of a new development at the top of Onionland's central plateau. It can be accessed via a hemp rope at Onionland Station (downgraded from an elevator due to cost overruns) or by taking a leisurely stroll along the tops of buildings in Onionland (Take Line 2 southward from Spawn). There are several diving boards observation decks in the vicinity. Concordes are 🌍 -93,35,-838 (map).