Forks:May 2020 Station Building Contest/Vote

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Each player has 2 votes. You cannot vote for your own station building. Voting was open until 2020-06-30 23:59 UTC.

Player Vote
Tulipa Blockhead, Frog-Boy
Frog-Boy Sajuk, Tulipa
Blockhead Tulipa, railfanmikey
⚖️ Felfa Tulipa, Blockhead
Marnack Tulipa, Blockhead
Sajuk ⚖️ Ywang, Tulipa
⚖️ trap Tulipa, survivalg
⚖️ Och_Noe Tulipa, survivalg


Player Votes
Tulipa 7
Blockhead 3
survivalg 2
⚖️ Ywang 1
railfanmikey 1
Frog-Boy 1
Sajuk 1