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Server Rules

  1. Respect other players
  2. No screenshots with chat or player names
  3. No videos without persmission from the admin.
  4. Adult language is allowed
  5. Do not grief
  6. Do not spam the chat
  7. No begging for stuff or privileges
  8. No permanently running cobble generators
  9. Do not walk on railways
  10. Do not cry for help, ask directly
  11. Always follow the decisions of mods or admins. Mod decisions are final, if you as a third party disapprove, write your disapproval via PM or in-game mail.
  12. No gibberish usernames
  13. Buildings should be connected to the street grid or to a railway station by means of a road or path
  14. No cobble or dirt boxes
  15. No deliberate lag sources (No mesecons with frequencies of over 0.5 Hz)
  16. Change your skin
  17. No dating
  18. Do not ask for personal information
  19. You are not alone on this server. Think of the other players.
  20. Be realistic. Do not build highly physically implausible stuff. Floating stuff needs some plausible floating mechanism attached to it.

Building Tips

Avoid Lava Spills

When harvesting materials in lava fields, try to avoid lava running everywhere. This only complicates further exploration. Plug the holes with cobblestone.

Don't Build Cobble Boxes

Use table saws, cnc machines, screwdrivers, assorted types of glass and different materials. We offer many opportunities to build interesting structures.

Respect the Infrastructure

Don't damage the roads (incl. wooden). Don't obstruct paths and waterways. Leave at least 2 blocks clearance above water when making bridges (for boats).

Do Not Leave Floating Trees

If you chop down trees, remove them completely. Please replant trees so other players can also obtain wood.

Replace Fruits

When harvesting the fruit from a tree, please chop down the entire tree and replant it, so other players can also get food.

Lag sources

  • High-frequency Luacontrollers
  • Huge tube networks with large amounts of items

Protect areas you want to use in the future

Please note that unprotected areas may be seen as free to use by other players, so, if you really want to use some area in the future, claim it so people can see it's yours.

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