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Unless specified otherwise, these are guidelines and not requirements, although some of them are pretty important for basic quality.

General Editing Tips

  • Use the preview button to see your changes before applying them.
  • Please leave an edit summary every time you save except for extremely small things like trying to fix an error for the second time. A more readable edit history is easier to navigate.
  • Think carefully before you hit the save button, that way you will be less likely to make lots of small edits. Small edits are less preferred because it takes longer to look through the history and it becomes tedious to comment them all.
  • If you want to play around with editing something temporarily, but want to save the page for whatever reason, use the Forks:Sandbox page. That is the reserved page for editing without consequence.
  • When adding places which are not your own make sure that the owner is not against it or other reasons are against it. An example is that large construction often have nice targets for griefers like open digtrons and circular saws, so it's not only about someone's opinion but also about security. Also sometimes new players think it's a good idea to (illegally) build direct at large construction sites which will create unneeded trouble for the players which are building there.


MediaWiki forms a hypertext. Pages form a network and should be easily discoverable. Try to have at least one incoming and outgoing link when you create a page, otherwise it's more than likely to get lost in the void, probably never to be found again unless by a search or random page. An existing category is sufficient for a hyperlink, for example Category:Buildings and structures in Spawn, which creates an incoming link from the category page and an outgoing link from the new page.

Try not to give the same hyperlink too often in a page. Generally this means:

  • If it is included in the opening section, it is probably not necessary to include a link again.
  • If it not in the opening section but has already been linked this section, don't link it again in that section.

You can hyperlink to categories and media directly by putting a colon : in front of the namespace. For example:

Useful Templates you should use

Whenever you use one of these templates, we can track its usage through MediaWiki's "What links here" feature. That way we could, for example, make a bot that scrapes all of the coordinates given on the wiki and places them on the world map, or takes a census of players mentioned on the wiki.

Languages & Internationalisation

This wiki primarily uses English. It is yet to be decided if this means Australian, British, American or some mix of them. As a general rule, please do not spam the wiki by correcting spelling such as -ize/-ise, -or/-our, -er/-re, etc.

Non-preferred term Preferred term Notes
Railroad Railway Applies to the state railways. Private rail can use the American term if they want.

Contributing in other languages

Contributions in other languages especially for general information pages are welcome, since they may be more helpful for players who read that language. These should be subpages of the primary page, which will be in English. Subpage means a page with the same name then a /language code, such at the Russian translation of the rules at Forks:Rules/ru. For languages with multiple writing systems or notable differences between specific locales (for example, Simplified and Traditional Chinese), append a country code or anything that is able to distinguish between the different flavors of the same language, such as the Simplified Chinese translation of the rules at Forks:Rules/zh-hans.

Other internationalisation concerns

  • Not everybody on the server is in the northern hemisphere. Avoid using Seasons. Instead, refer to specific months or quarters.
    • Instead of Early Summer 2019, use December 2019.
    • Instead of Late winter/early spring 2020, use First quarter 2020.
  • 12 Hour format is banned. Use 24-hour format.

Vector drawings

High quality drawings made in Inkscape are welcome. These include maps. Please upload them in both .SVG and .PNG formats.

The SVG is used for other users wanting to edit the image with Inkscape (other vector drawing programs are available). Currently it is acceptable to upload Inkscape .SVGs but if needed for interchange we will move to accepting only standard SVGs.

The PNG is used in all other places on the wiki, since MediaWiki uses a very poor ImageMagick renderer to create previews of the SVG files. Render your picture directly from Inkscape to ensure it is accurately rendered on the wiki.

Taking screenshots

To reiterate what you should already know from the server rules: Do not post screenshots that contain chat or player names. F1 and F2 will hide player names and chat.

Try to take screenshots at as high a resolution as you reasonably can, up to 1920x1080 for most screenshots. We know that many players do not have hardware that supports such high resolutions: that is fine, just take them in as high a resolution as you can.

Your graphics drivers may have support for virtual super resolution, allowing you to take screenshots in 4K without actually having a 4K display. This vastly reduces jagged edges in the image without anti-aliasing, and reduces Moiré patterns in heavily repeated textures. Uploading in 4K is overkill for most screenshots: if you take a screenshot at that resolution please scale it down and save it as JPEG so it does not take too much room. Remember the wiki has an 8MB file size limit.

Remember to turn all of your GUI elements off in screenshots. The bindings are:

  • F1 to hide HUD
  • F2 to hide chat
  • Optional: F3 to hide Fog. Looks better in some instances.
  • F5 to hide debug menu with coordinates. You can record the coordinates elsewhere if they are relevant.

Recommended graphics settings:

  • No texture packs. We want to present a standard view of the world
  • 4x or 8x anti-aliasing really helps smooth out the jaggies. So does 4K
  • Mipmapping off, unless the screenshot has no blocks close to the camera. Mipmapping can work nicely to reduce moire patterns in far-off objects but wreaks havoc on 16x textures in the midground.
  • No texture filtering (bilinear/trilinear). It just makes 16x textures look blurry.
  • Do enable shaders! but - don't enable any of the shaders available from the menu in minetest. From Minetest 5.2.0 onwards, entities have each face shaded, which gives the trains a much nicer look. Any other shaders are detrimental in Blockhead's opinion.


For safety, do not give coordinates of tracks for stations (i.e. do not use coordinates on trains). This may result in player deaths. Remember, the coordinates are often used for teleportation. Don't give coordinates on overpasses that are under roofs as well - teleporting to these usually drops you through them and onto the track. It is usually better to give a spot on a platform or in an entrance. If you teleport to a station and it places you somewhere inappropriate, please fix the coordinates.

Take your time to document railway stations properly, rather than rushing to get coordinates for everything. For railway stations, try to give coordinates that are aligned to increments of 5 in the x and y directions. It is acceptable to give coordinates anywhere inside the station, though it is preferred to give coordinates on the platform. Giving the coordinates to a station entrance is also equally valid.

Always round your coordinates up in the y direction, even for stations below 0. Do not give coordinates with .5 increments in them.

Always use the {{Co|x|y|z}} template for coordinates. A script scans for places where it is used and draws markers on the interactive map.

Railway Stations

By popular vote, all stations on the wiki must have 'Station' as a suffix on their name. Pages on stations that serve a town of the same name should also have a separate article on the town itself, which should refer to and have a hyperlink to the station page. Pages for railway stations in the wilderness can stand alone.

The easiest way to type a station link out is to use Template:Station; this is highly recommended everywhere:

The following station naming scheme is proposed as follows (by ⚖️ ywang:

  • Name[, Place][, (System)] [station|Station]
  • Place{-| }Name [station|Station]

Examples (from Wikipedia) include:

  • Use Template:s-line and Template:s-rail to show railway services from a station. It is preferred to put the west or northern terminus on the left and the east or south terminus on the right for a particular line.

See Forks:Example Station for a basic station page template.


You can and should add your shop, or others' shops, to the wiki. If you want to attract any customers, please at least give a screenshot, coordinates and a description of what you stock. Remember to put it in Category:Shops and in an appropriate category for its city. You should use Template:Infobox Building; see Mercadona for an example of a good shop page. Doing all of this will place a marker on the Interactive Map where potential customers can click through to see a picture and description of the shop.


This wiki contains route maps of both Railway Lines and Railway Services. You should give all geographic features like tunnels, bridges and viaducts on the line pages, but you only need to give stations on the services pages. You can include the geographic features if you want though.

  • Use Routemaps instead of BS maps.
  • A reference of BS icons can be found here.
  • Complex Routemaps like those in Wikipedia are not required, but the appropriate level of information should be given.
    • For Railway Lines, all the geographic information about bridges, elevated rail, water etc. should be given, as well as branches to other lines.
    • For Railway Services, it is sufficient to give stations and optionally the diverging routes of other services.


Color Prefix Color Meaning Example(s)
f   Green Local Lines S23
u   Blue Subway Lines
(Except Spawn Subway, which has different colors for each line)
Spawn Subway Line 1
Normal set   Red
  • Express lines
  • Railway line pages
Spawn-Shanielle Park

Station Icons

Use station icons in the following way, which may differ slightly from wikipedia:

Icon Meaning Usage
HST   Haltestelle (German for stop) Stops with nothing notable near them
BHF   Bahnhof (German for station) Notable stops
INT   Interchange Stops where players can switch between lines and systems

Do not mark a row of stations as interchanges. If there are many shared stops in a row, only mark the stop where the common section starts and the stop where it ends, but not the ones in between. See: Spawn Subway Line 3 where Laza's City is not marked interchange.

S-lines Succession boxes

Most stations should have succession boxes that show the next and previous stations on each line that stops at them. The following complex example comes from Euler Street Station:

Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Ice Mountain
toward Library
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
Preceding station   Local Lines   Following station

And here is the source code that you would place inside a Template:Infobox station:

{{s-rail|title=Spawn Subway}}
{{s-line|system=Spawn Subway|line=4|next=Market|previous=Conway Street}}
{{s-line|system=Spawn Subway|line=6|next=Half Mile Island|previous=Zoo}}
{{s-rail|title=Express Lines}}
{{s-line|system=Express Lines|line=E3|previous=Mountain South|rows1=4}}
{{s-line|system=Express Lines|line=E31|hide1=yes|previous=Mountain South}}
{{s-line|system=Express Lines|line=E32|hide1=yes|previous=Mountain South}}
{{s-line|system=Express Lines|line=E10|hide1=yes|previous=Mountain South}}
{{s-rail|title=Local Lines}}
{{s-line|system=Local Lines|line=S20|next=Mountain South}}

For an in-depth discussion on how to use these templates, including features not shown on the above example, read the docs at Template:s-line

As an example start point for your own stations templates, reference Template:Spawn Subway stations