Four Towers

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Four Towers
From left to right: Willex, Syritex, Knox; viewed from atop Ryaxis.
General information
Coordinates🌍 878,2,-1949 (map)

Four Towers is a collection of four towers and connecting roads built by Shacolate. Each of the towers has a theme and a name. The roads that lead between each tower are named after these themes. The towers are:

  • Willex, tower of Ice
  • Ryaxis, tower of Earth
  • Knox, tower of Hell
  • Syritex, tower of Heaven

The road starts at sea level at the bottom of Willex, and ascends to Ryaxis, then Knox, then Syritex, then finally to the top of Willex.

The Towers

Willex is made mostly of ice bricks, with windows cyan tinted glass, trim of silver sandstone, and white baked clay, with floating lights and larger fixed glowstone lights. On top is Claustrophobia Shop which sells subterranean items like stones, metals, diamonds. The stairs are of ice brick and quite treacherous.

Ryaxis is made of green clay, green moss, and trees. It has a helix that rises up to a platform of grass. On top of the platform is an artificial tree which holds an animal shop. An elevator is available at the base of the tower to take you up to the platform.

Knox is made of technic plastic bricks painted red and black, black baked clay, condensed cobblestone, obsidian glass, scorched trees and a layer of lava beneath the floor. There is a viewing platform at the top inside the 'smoke' pattern made of glass but no shop. The stairs are a square spiral staircase of condensed cobblestone which is hard to see, making the climb quite treacherous.

Syritex is made of clean plastic, coral skeleton, and dim glow glass. The floor also has elements of maple trees and grey dirt. There is a willow tree, in the centre of which is a teleport pad to the roof of the tower. There is no easy way down from the tower, so be ready to go to heaven before you go to the top of the tower.

How to get there

The Four Towers are located east of South Forest, near the Turtle Rock Subway terminus. You can reach them by South Forest Subway Line 21.

Another alternative for regional trains is to travel on an SMR (South Forest to Stallmangrad) or Nanepiwer train to Outer Limits Station and from there take a ferry to Willex.