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Fuel items are blocks or objects that can be burned for smelting, cooking or for supplying energy to fuel-powered machines (e.g. Digtrons).

Fuels are always required in order to produce a flame. Coal and wooden items are commonly used as fuels. Any fuel can be used to smelt anything as long it is burning long enough. Each fuel has its own duration. Fuels are usually used up when the smelting process starts, but for some special items with higher smelting time might be replaced with a different fuel item.

The following items can be used as fuel. Every item from all the mods installed in the server are listed below, excepting items that are part of the default mod set (they are already listed in the official wiki).

Item Burning time (seconds)
Bottle of Ethanol 80
Coal Dust 50
All-faces Acacia Tree 34
All-faces Tree 30
All-faces Jungle Tree 30
Oil Extract 30
Plastic Sheet 30
Unprocessed Paraffin 30
All-faces Pine Tree 26
Vanilla Extract 25
All-faces Aspen Tree 22
All-faces Mushroom Tree 22
Cottonseed Oil 20
Hemp oil 20
Fire Flower 20
Advanced Boat 20
Straw bale (cottages) 20
Straw block (cottages) 15
Empty Bookshelf 15
Trellis 15
Charcoal Lump 10
Fire dust 10
Bean Pole 10
Maple Sapling 12
Mushroom Cap 10
Dark straw block 10
Rubber Tree Sapling 10
Bowl 10
Crafting Guide Sign 10
Maple Wood 8
Any Wood/Tree Grindings 8
Net 8
Lasso 7
Mob Fence 7
Saddle 7
Sawdust 6
Wooden Hoe 5
Sponge 5
Leather 4
Mushroom Pore 3
Straw (farming) 3
Crafting Book 3
Name Tag 3
Mob Fence Top 2
Rabbit Hide 2
Any Ethereal Bush 1
Rice Bread 1
Multigrain Bread 1
Rye 1
Oat 1
Rice 1
Wheat 1
Barley 1
Feather 1
String 1
Cotton 1
Bamboo 1
Bundle of random Minegeld notes 1

Digtron Fuel Costs

The fuel cost of digging is based on the which group the node belongs to. It evaluates the groups in order: cracky then crumbly then choppy. So even if something is in multiple groups and has a higher value for one, its group to the digtron is based on the first group digtron finds. Building has a fixed cost.

The server can configure these fuel costs, but assuming the server uses the default fuel costs:

Group Cost per block Examples
cracky 1.0 stone, cobble, stone brick, sandstone
crumbly 0.5 dirt, dirt with grass, sand
choppy 0.75 tree trunks, wood, cactus
all others 0.5 saplings, tree leaves, fruits (leaves have group:snappy)
build 1.0