Garden of Eden Ferry

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Garden of Eden Ferry
Line numberF1
Route map

Garden of Eden Ferry Station
Shanielle Inlet Station - E3

The Garden of Eden Ferry is a ferry line to the Garden of Eden island.


The original Trump railway ran across the sea, stopping on the Garden of Eden island. In the context of Retrace lines in South-West quarter, the partial demolition of the line was agreed. Orwell's original plan with this was to keep the railway connection up to Garden of Eden and demolish anything further. However with the introduction of Linetrack, it was instead agreed that a ferry would serve the island. The railway line now ends at the coast, about 400m away from the island, at Shanielle Inlet Station.

In order to serve Garden of Eden by a public transport service, a linetrack ferry was established. It may eventually be extended to the other coast west of the sea.

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