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This is a guide to help you get started with this server. If you are new to minetest, you will probably want to start with this guide on the minetest wiki


  • Don't look for trouble.
  • Don't put yourself (or anyone) in danger.


Please make you you have read the Rules and Criminal Code. There are moderators online almost all the time. Some settlements have their own set of rules. Please follow them as well. If you aren't sure, read the corresponding wiki page(s). If you do not understand the rules, please ask in the public chat or on the Wiki. You can also suggest the rules on the corresponding talk pages.

Please be aware that trains kill users when the speed is over 3 m/s (10.8 km/h). Therefore, do not walk on railway except when crossing (beware of fast trains!) or during maintenance. For other users' safety, please also slow down trains (e.g. by using speed restriction signs) or use warning signs.

There are other Server Standards. You are not required to follow most of them, but we recommend doing so because this allows a better experience for everyone.

Your First Days

Your first days may be easy for you because of your initial items. However, eventually you will run out of food. We recommend farming or cutting trees.
You can start with cobbleboxes, but don't keep them for a long time. Cobbleboxes are usually small and ugly. Use circular saws and CNC machines as you get more resources.


The server is known to have basic economy with trading and bank interests. However, considering the difference between the level of educaiton of many users and the fact that this is only a game, please do not expect advanced or highly developed economy like in real life.


You can get 5 MineGeld every day you place or destroy a block. This money can add up slowly.
You can also get interest from the bank if you have money in your account.
Do NOT register alt-accounts only to get initial items. Such accounts will be banned permanently.


  • Most trading is done using smartshops or exchange shops. This allows buying or selling items without both users being online.
  • The /smstats item command can be useful.
  • You can also ask for special trading deals or customized services in the chat.
  • It is not recommended to buy a large quantity of items (for example, 3168 stone tiles). In most cases, making them yourself is much cheaper.
  • Animals and animal products are quite rare on the server. You will probably have to trade to get these products or the animals themselves. If you want to hunt for wild animals, be sure to bring a net to capture them.


We have some basic facilities to help you at any time.

Technic Station

Techinc stations are places, usually buildings or rooms, that provide common machines working more efficently than fuel-fired, water-powered, and solar machines. Technic stations are usually free, with some exceptions. If you have special service requirement, you can also ask in the chat or post contracts on the Wiki.


The Spawn Market located in Spawn near the Market Station is a large market with stands selling different items. Stands can be rented for free. There are also premium shops that are larger and sell more things.
Users can also build their own shops or shopping centers, and there are some other shopping centers that are available for users to rent.
Do not sell admin items. Such items can only be sold at specific shops or given by specific users.


Cities are large settlements that provide public services free of charge. Many have a hotel that is free, and you can rent one of those if needed.


Aside from walking, you can travel to distant (or near) places by various means:

By train

The LinuxWorks server is one of only a few servers that dare to run the Advanced Trains mod, and the only server that has a large train transport network.

There are local train services such as the Spawn Subway and Personhood Metrorail, as well as regional and express train services that connect the cities. Additionally, some players have set up small shuttle (or shittle) lines that take people to interesting places apart from the major settlements.

Some stations have their own wiki pages. If you aren't sure, you can always search for stations on the Wiki. Most wiki pages about stations provide service information that lets you know the system and line that the station is on.

All existing railway services are listed on this wiki. Maps are available for some railway networks, and they can be found on the corresponding wiki page. For an overall regional map, see File:RegionalRailMap.png. Smaller local area services are given in italics on that map, and some have their own wiki pages and maps.

Users can also build their own train lines, but before doing so, please read the Railway Styleguide and ask 👑 gabriel for the privilege.

By teleporting

It is possible to teleport to some places in the world.

  • There are chat commands to teleport to the most common places. These are:
  • Advanced players can acquire teleport pads. Those are small blue-ish pads on which you can step. Where they take you depends on the player that set them up, in most cases they are accompanied by a sign.
  • In the big white building next to the Spawn Market, first floor, is the official Travel Center. From there, you can use teleport pads to a couple of places. At every such place, there's a teleport pad that takes you back to the Spawn travel center.
  • A few players have set up own Travel-Center-like networks. For example, at every lighthouse are teleport pads to each of the other lighthouses and a couple of other places.

Do NOT teleport to private area.

As the train transport network grows, we will gradually phase out the teleport services.

Support in Other Languages

There are many users who speak other languages, especially German, French, and Russian. If you are not sure, please ask in the chat, or refer to this page for more information.


This Wiki contains information that can help you as you play on the server. Note that further information about mods can be found at their Minetest forum threads. You can see which mods we are using at Blocks and Mods.

Problems and Conflicts

There can be conflicts between users, and these are usually caused by:

  • Cultural difference(s)
  • Syndromes
  • Different building styles
  • Building too close to others without agreeing to be part of a settlement
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Players breaking the rules

Please be respectful of others' spaces. Check for nearby settlement before you settle and don't plan to build anything that would require you to demolish others' houses. There is plenty of room in the server if you want to build big, but you will have to do it away from existing settlement.

If you have a problem or conflict with another player, feel free to contact a moderator. If an argument can't be solved, gabriel has the last word. (considering this, LinuxWorks is actually a benevolent dictatorship)